10 Ways to Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Nothing Phone 1

Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Nothing Phone 1

Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Nothing Phone 1 – Are you concerned that your Nothing Phone 1 is having difficulty connecting with Bluetooth devices? Before you begin to wonder what’s wrong with your earphones or speakers, you can try examining the basics of fixing your smartphone.

Also, it would be sufficient if you analysed the battery of the Bluetooth device. Here are nine methods and a bonus suggestion to solve the issue of Bluetooth that isn’t working on Nothing Phone 1 problems.

Ways To Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Nothing Phone 1

Here are some quick fixs to solve bluetooth problem in your Nothing Phone 1

1. Restart Your Nothing Phone 1

 Restart Your Nothing Phone 1

The first thing to do is if you cannot attach Bluetooth devices with your Nothing Phone 1, switch off Bluetooth and then turn it on after a couple of minutes.

If that doesn’t work, restart your phone since it will resolve the issue due to a memory issue or other application.

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2. Forget Device and Pair

In the past, you’ve linked a Bluetooth gadget to your smartphone, but if it’s not working, you must remove the device and then connect it once more. The device will be erased from the memory of your phone.

  • Go to Settings and then choose Connected devices.
  • Look for previously connected Devices and then click on the gear symbol next to the Bluetooth device’s name to open the Device Details page.
  • Click the delete icon and Forget the Device in the pop-up confirmation.

Return to the Bluetooth settings page and tap “Pair new device” to reconnect the device. Don’t forget to switch the device to pairing mode.

3. Check Bluetooth Device Details

Sometimes, the paired Bluetooth devices couldn’t play calls or audio as you might not have granted permission to this device. To verify device information, Go to Connected devices and tap the gear icon beside it.

It is possible to determine whether the device is permitted to connect to audio, make calls, etc. Alternatively, you can reset your other Bluetooth device to see if it could cause the problem.

If you want to restart Bluetooth devices, hold and press your power button for a couple of minutes or simultaneously press the power and volume buttons on certain devices.

4. Reset Bluetooth Settings

After trying the tips above, If your Nothing Phone 1 smartphone isn’t connecting with Bluetooth devices, attempt resetting the WiFi, mobile, and Bluetooth settings.

  • Go to Settings under System. Click the Advanced drop-down menu.
  • Choose Reset options and tap Reset WiFi, mobile and Bluetooth.
  • Click the Reset settings icon below, and then enter your phone’s PIN number when asked.

After that, the connected devices and other connections will be removed from your phone. It is then possible to reconnect the Bluetooth after resetting .

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5. Update Your Smartphone

Sometimes, updating your smartphone can fix every glitch, bug, and Bluetooth issue. Go to Settings->System->System Update. If a software update is available to the current version.

You can download and install it on your Nothing Phone 1. Make sure that both devices are charged before trying to connect.

6. Charge up both devices you’re trying to pair

Certain devices feature intelligent power management. These devices can shut off Bluetooth when the battery isn’t sufficient.

If your device isn’t pairing, ensure that it, as well as any device trying to pair with, is powered by enough juice.

7. Delete a device from a phone and rediscover it

If your phone can recognize an item but doesn’t receive information from it, often it’s best to start fresh. In nothing OS settings, you can deactivate any device by clicking on the name of the device and then forgoing this device. Within Nothing Phone 1 settings, click on the device’s name and unpair it.

Suppose you’re trying to delete this device from your vehicle and are unsure if you’ll have to shut off your car after you have deleted the device. To do this, you must open and close the car’s door and then wait for at least a few minutes before pairing the device.

8. Move away from the WiFi router

Another obstacle that could hinder the successful connection is the interference of other devices that share a similar spectrum,

For instance, your router’s WiFi. It is specifically designed to handle this. However, placing your devices directly over the router might not be the best option.

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Bonus Tips For Nothing Phone 1

If you connect your smartphone to a Bluetooth device, The distance between the two devices must be between 5-10 meters. This is the range recommended for Bluetooth connection.

These solutions can fix Bluetooth not working with Nothing Phone 1. Nothing Phone 1 issue. It could be a hardware issue if you cannot connect your device to different Bluetooth devices. It is recommended to visit the Nothing phone’s service center to fix the issue.

Nothing Phone 1 Bluetooth Problem Fix || Bluetooth Not connecting

FAQ On Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Nothing Phone 1

What can I do to solve the Bluetooth issue with my Nothing Phone 1?

Step 1: Examine Bluetooth basic information Turn off Bluetooth, then turn it back on again. Learn how to switch Bluetooth up and down.

Step 2: Verify the devices you have paired and connected. Please find out how you can pair them and join using Bluetooth.

Step 3: Restart your devices. Learn how to reboot the device. Pixel smartphone and Nexus device.

Why Bluetooth is not working suddenly?

Ensure that the device is powered on, has been charged, or has fresh batteries and is within reach of the computer you wish to join.
Next, try this procedure: turn off the Bluetooth device, wait for a few seconds and then switch it back on. Be certain that the Bluetooth device is within coverage.

Why is my Nothing Phone 1 not detecting Bluetooth devices?

This is usually because the device’s Bluetooth is off or it’s not connected to the internet. Please go through the user’s manual to discover the best way to identify it by switching to pairing mode.
With certain headsets, this is a matter of pressing the power button for a longer period, while on other devices, there’s a separate Bluetooth button.

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