How To Fix Nothing Phone 1 Battery Draining Problem

Fix Nothing Phone 1 Battery Draining Problem

Each year Android promises to become more efficient in energy use. However, you’ll rarely discover a Nothing Phone 1 that lasts longer than a single day.

If you’ve ever noticed that your phone’s Battery was draining faster than usual, you are looking to rectify the issue.

Why is my Nothing phone 1 dying so fast?

Your Nothing Phone (1) battery might be drained quickly due to many reasons. Here is an occasion of the most often asked questions:

1. There are too numerous push notifications and alerts taking up Battery.

2. There are many apps offering services for location.

3. There are too many applications that are running in the background.

4. The screen is bright enough.

5. The screen is too long, and it’s taking too long to go to sleep.

6. The phone isn’t working.

7. The operating system (OS) on the phone is out of date.

8. Extreme temperature fluctuations impact your phone’s Battery.

9. The Battery of the phone is at the close of its lifespan.

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How to make your Nothing phone battery last longer

Here’s how to keep your Android fully charged and running at its peak throughout the day. The following solutions were tested on the Nothing Phone 1 running Android 12. The steps could differ on other phones running Nothing Phone 1.

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Top 10 Solution For Nothing Phone 1 Battery Draining Problem

Here are some of the best solutions for Nothing Phone 1 Battery Draining Problem:


The display of your Nothing Phone 1 consumes more Battery than any other component in the hardware. This is why you should begin with this.

You can dim it yourself or utilize this feature which analyzes your lighting habits as well as automatically alters the brightness for different lighting conditions.

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Besides its aesthetic attractiveness, dark mode consumes less power to illuminate the pixels of your screen.

Therefore, switching to dark mode can help reduce the Battery’s consumption if your phone is equipped with an OLED display.

You can turn on the dark mode by going to the Display settings on the Nothing Phone 1.

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Apps such as Facebook and Instagram can remain running in the background, monitoring updates, refreshing content, and delivering notifications even after you’ve shut them off. This can exhaust the Battery on your phone. Here’s how you can use the battery optimization feature on your phone to cut down on background activity

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Battery and Device Care (or the Battery).
  • Tap the Optimize Now option.
  • If you have a phone with a Nothing Phone, a list of applications will be displayed with a cautionary message next to apps that consume excessive battery life.
  • Select each message and select Restrict.


Your Android constantly monitors what power applications, services, and hardware components consume. The report will aid you in identifying the factors that drain the Battery of your Nothing Phone 1.

To see the battery usage of Nothing Phone 1, open up the Settings app on Android and go to Battery. Select the three dots menu for opening Battery Usage.


A majority of Android skins for phones come with animations nowadays. While they can be attractive to admire, these animated images could drain the Battery on your phone.

You could try turning them off completely to cut down on battery usage. Use your Settings app on Nothing Phone 1 and go to the system.

Then, open the Developer Options, scroll to the bottom and switch off Window Transition, Window, and Animator animation.


Android updates provide a variety of new features and battery improvements for you, Nothing Phone 1. Therefore, updating your phone constantly can help.

Apart from that, it is also important to make sure that you update your apps frequently. It’s common for apps to become erratic and use up battery power as before.

Ensuring they are updated to the most recent version is a way to prevent this. As we’ve just discovered, Android gives you more than one method to lessen battery consumption without compromising performance. Follow these tips to extract the maximum juice out of your Battery.


When you’re on the move or at home, be sure you don’t leave your phone Phone 1 in extremely extreme temperatures or cold areas.

Extreme temperatures could not only drain your phone’s Battery but can make it overheat or explode. This puts your life at risk.

It is recommended to store your device in an area that is between 68 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Read our guide for other ways to prevent your phone from overheating.


If you’re stuck and in a bind and your Nothing Phone 1 is on its final leg, the most efficient solution is to activate Battery Saver mode.

While this can affect performance, it can give you time until your phone’s next recharge. To enable Battery Saver mode:

Click the Settings tab, Battery and Device Care, and care for devices > Battery (or settings > Battery> Battery Saver).

The Power Saver is on. (or tap Now to turn it on).


If neither of the steps above is successful, this could be due to your phone battery being about to go out.

If you’ve pushed these tips and are still in need of assistance, we’re just close by. Request a repair, and our trained experts will have your device up and running the next day.


Apps such as Google Maps assist you in getting around using your 1. Its GPS feature.

However, if the apps operate behind the scenes, even if you’re not moving, these services can consume your Battery. For adjusting this:

1. Go to Settings Location.

2. You can disable the location setting service by switching off the switch right at the top.

3. You can tap on App permissions to check the apps using location services and switch off each application individually.

4. On the phone with no location services

5. Tap Apps and notifications > > Advanced, then Permission Manager > Location. Alter this setting.

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