How to Fix Nothing Phone 2 Overheating Problem

How to Fix Nothing Phone 2 Overheating Problem

Nothing Phone 2 Overheating Problem – In the past few years, technology for Nothing Phone has advanced quickly, providing consumers with advanced features as well as impressive performance.

However, with these new capabilities, there are some challenges to be faced, which include one of the biggest problems faced by Nothing Phone users is the issue of overheating.

In this article, we’ll discuss the problem of overheating, especially associated with Nothing Phone 2. Explore ways to address this issue on Nothing Phone 2.

Reasons For Overheating Issue In Nothing Phone 2

Before we go into the remedies, let’s examine some of the reasons that the Nothing Phone 2 is getting hot (overheating) and is causing issues. In some instances, the phone shuts off because of the heat issue.

This is not something you anticipate from an Android flagship phone that you have paid hundreds of dollars to purchase.

There are many reasons why the Nothing Phone 2 may experience problems with heating. However, the most commonly reported reasons are:

1. Heavy Gaming on Nothing Phone 2

Use it frequently if you utilize your device frequently to stream and play games. Do any additional task that needs a lot of resources. It could cause your device to become hot.

2. Using Non-Certified Charger

When charging the Nothing Phone 2 using a non-certified or incompatible charger, it could make the gadget get hot. This is why we recommend buying USB PD-compatible chargers only.

3. Overuse of location / Bluetooth services

If you are using locations frequently, this can result in the gadget becoming hot.

Additionally, if you attempt the transfer of large files via Bluetooth, this can cause your Nothing Phone 2 to overheat.

4. Nothing OS Bugs And UI Problems

Issues with bugs or glitches in the most recent Android update or poorly-coded applications can result in the smartphone getting hot.

5. Direct Sunlight on Nothing Phone 2

Have you used Nothing Phone 2 in direct sunlight for a prolonged period while using a camera with heavy usage? This may result in the device overheating.

6. Issues with connectivity on Nothing Phone 2

If you use the Nothing Phone 2 or the Nothing Phone 2 / Nothing Phone 2 Pro on a shaky network, it also increases the temperature of the device.

Suppose you’re having issues with drop-in calls and slow connections. You can find some suggestions here.

Quick Ways To Resolve Overheating Issues in Nothing Phone 2

Here are some of the ways to resolve the overheating issue in Nothing Phone 2 :

1. Remove thick Case Of Nothing Phone 2

If you’re wearing an accessory case for your phone, take it off to allow better air circulation, which could help avoid overheating.

The latest phone cases are extremely bulky and heavy to provide better protection for devices against falls and drops from high places.

However, this could result in the smartphone getting hot when it is exposed to hot or direct sunlight.

The Nothing Phone 2 back cover can be an extra feature. So remove it whenever you intend to play graphically extreme games for a long time.

2. Disable Adaptive Charging and Adaptive Battery on Nothing Phone 2

The latest Adaptive features were added to Nothing devices some time ago. However, this isn’t an incredibly reliable feature for the majority of users.

It generates heat or a burning feeling on the phone for a large number of users when charging their phones or playing games. So, we recommend turning it off in the majority of instances.

Adaptive Charging is a function that lets Nothing Phone 2 optimize its charging speed and extend the life of batteries on the device. Adaptive Battery helps extend the Battery’s lifespan by optimizing the use of the Battery.

These functions on Nothing Phone 2 use machine learning algorithms to study the charging habits of users, as well as the app’s usage, and alter the speed of charging and battery consumption according to the usage.

This could help in growing the longevity of your Nothing Phone 2 Battery. However, it’s better to switch off the feature until Nothing releases an update for their software to fix this issue.

This is how to Disable Adaptive Charge as well as Adaptive Battery in Nothing Phone 2:

  • Navigate to “Settings” on your Nothing Phone 2.
  • Click the “Battery” settings, and then look at “Adaptive preferences” within the menu options.
  • There are two options, “Adaptive Charging” and “Adaptive Battery.”
  • You can deactivate both of them by the toggles shown above.

3. Keep Nothing Phone 2 Updated

The regular updating of the software and firmware of your phone ensures that you’re running the latest bugs fixed and enhancements to performance.

The updates on Nothing Phone 2 will improve the overall heat management as well as performance.

4. Restart Your Nothing Phone 2

It’s the very first step to consider. If you’ve used your Nothing Phone 2 to play games or watch films for a considerable amount of duration, then you could find that the device is becoming hot.

The most effective solution to test out is to reboot your phone. In the majority of cases, this should resolve any Nothing Phone 2 overheating issue – it has always been a success for us, at the least.

Restarting the device helps you remove any stumbling process that is making the device get hot or fix other minor issues on your phone. After the device has come back to normal, you’ll find that it isn’t heating any longer. If it begins to overheat, move to the next steps to see if they can help.

5. Optimize Background Apps

The closing of unnecessary background apps can dramatically reduce the burden for the processor as well as reduce the amount of heat generated.

Think about utilizing a task management schedule to locate and close resource-intensive processes.

6. Adjust Display Settings

The ability to reduce the brightness of Nothing Phone 2 screen and resolution when it is not required could reduce the load on the smartphone’s graphic processing unit (GPU) and help conserve energy; thus, less heat is produced.

7. Avoid Direct Sunlight and Extreme Temperatures

If you’re traveling in a warm area and you are using the camera to capture photographs frequently, it is best to avoid doing this.

The camera in the Nothing Phone 2 series uses an enormous amount of processing power. Therefore, every shot you shoot consumes substantial energy and battery power that could cause the camera to become hot.

If you take long videos with the phone in bright sunlight, it will overheat the phone and cause it to be shut down until it cools down.

8. Use Nothing Phone 2 official Charger Only

Always utilize a certified or genuine charging device to power the Nothing Phone 2. These phones do not include chargers right out of the box.

Therefore, you need to purchase a top-brand, top-quality charger that allows charging via USB Power Delivery.

If you’re in search of an authentic Nothing charger, there’s one on the Nothing Store: Nothing 45W USB-C Power Charger. You can also purchase other third-party adapters like Anker, Nomad, Aukey, and others.

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External Cooling Solutions for Nothing Phone 2

If you’re having persistent issues with your phone’s overheating Nothing Phone 2, you may want to look into options for external cooling, like:

– External Cooling Fans

Cooling fans for portable devices designed specifically for smartphones are able to help disperse heat and keep temperatures lower even after prolonged use.

– Cooling Pads

The thermal cooling pads provide an efficient method of cooling Nothing Phone 2 by absorbing and dispersing excessive heat.

Wrapping Up

Although the Nothing Phone 2 indeed offers impressive features, the issue of overheating could be a problem for those who use it. With the help of these tips and taking into consideration cooling solutions, users can experience a more pleasant experience with their Nothing Phone 2.

FAQ On Nothing Phone 2 Overheating Problem

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