How To Fix Overheating Issue On Samsung Galaxy M04

Fix Overheating Issue On Samsung Galaxy M04

Fix Overheating Issue On Samsung Galaxy M04 – Users often experience hot issues on Samsung Galaxy M04 while running certain applications. This phone can get hot for a mixture of reasons.

You will get complete information on how and why to fix the overheating problem of the Samsung Galaxy M04.

Why Is Samsung Galaxy M04 Phone Overheating?

Your Samsung Galaxy M04 could be overheating for many different reasons. The first thing to think about is the expected behavior on M04.

The phone will overheat when performing processor-intensive tasks. When setting up a phone, you’ll notice the device gets warm as it restores data and apps in the background.

The device will also heat up if you play games or use the camera for long periods. Your phone may run hotter than normal if the temperature is higher around you

Especially if your device is in a rugged, thick case. Remember that your device should not get so hot you cannot use it.

Reasons Why Your Samsung Galaxy M04 Is Overheating?

  • Use your Samsung Galaxy M04 in an environment that is not normal.
  • Place your device on/near heat sources, such as a car parked on a warm day or exposing it to sunlight continuously.
  • Multiple apps were running for a prolonged time.
  • Use a charger or USB cable that is incompatible, defective, or not certified by Samsung.
  • Initial setup and data transfers from the previous device.
  • Update your software version.

6 Ways To Fix Overheating Issue On Samsung Galaxy M04

Here are some quick fixes for overheating issue in your Samsung Galaxy M04.

1. Close Background And Active Apps

Stop what you are doing if your SAMSUNG GALAXY M04 is overheating. Close any apps you’re using and close all background applications.

Open the Recent Apps by swiping up from the bottom. Then swipe the apps in the background away to close them.

You can disable background data use if you can identify a specific app that is causing issues with overheating while it runs in the background.

Go to Settings of SAMSUNG GALAXY M04 > Connections > Data Usage. Then select Wi-Fi data usage (or mobile data usage). Toggle off.

Allow background data usage for the app you selected. The app will no longer automatically refresh in the background.

2. Intensive Camera Use Can Overheat Samsung Galaxy M04

Overheating can occur when you use the video camera on your Samsung devices for long periods. It only sometimes happens and depends on other factors.

  • Select resolution and frame rate.
  • Screen brightness
  • Use of cameras for a long time

You can quickly overheat your phone by recording a short video using the front-facing cam.

Avoid this by only using your phone’s camera when necessary. Ensuring the screen is not too bright and recording at a high resolution.

3. Remove The Case Of Samsung Galaxy M04

The heat emitted from your Samsung Galaxy M04‘s body can be reduced using a case.

The M04 will still charge if it is in a cool place, but the charging speed will be good. The smartphone will stop charging when the heat becomes intolerable.

We don’t know of any other solution than removing the case, charging it, and then putting it back when done.

4. Update Your Samsung Galaxy M04 Software

Updating your device’s operating system can fix some heating problems by improving performance and fixing bugs.

Go to the settings of your Samsung M04 and select “System”. You can then check for updates and install any that are available.

5. Turn On The Power-saving Mode On Samsung M04

Power-saving mode reduces the load on your processor. It helps prevent overheating on Samsung phones like M04.

Go to the settings of your Samsung M04 and select “Battery“. You can then turn on power-saving and make necessary settings adjustments.

6. Check For Malware

Malware on Android devices can cause excessive heat. Malware developers don’t overlook the health of your Samsung Android device.

They want to steal your data for Samsung M04. Malware can be spread to M04 through malicious ads (malvertising) or fake apps downloaded from the Google Play Store.

It’s difficult to predict when and where malware will strike your M04.

How To Take Care Of Your Samsung Galaxy M04 Device

Phones and tablets shut down automatically in extreme temperatures as a safety measure. The tips above can be implemented once the Samsung Galaxy M04 has recovered from extreme temperatures.

FAQ On Samsung Galaxy M04 Phone Overheating Problem

Why Is My Samsung Galaxy M04 Getting So Hot?

There are numerous reasons why your Samsung M04 could be heating up. This could be due to high-intensity processing, fast charging, a faulty cable or charger, high ambient temperatures, or any other reason.

How Can I Cool My Samsung Galaxy M04 Down?

Remove the case and turn off the fast charger. After at least five minutes, your phone will begin to cool.

Will Overheating Damage My Samsung Galaxy M04 Battery?

Batteries are damaged by excessive heat.

How Do I Fix My Samsung Galaxy M04 From Overheating?

Below are some common solutions to the SAMSUNG GALAXY M04 overheating problem.

Shut off services and functions you no longer use. Shut off any services you are no longer using.
Optimize Your Samsung Phone.
Close apps that run in the background.
Reduce screen brightness.
Check for updates.

Why Does Samsung Galaxy M04 Keep Overheating?

Your M04 may heat up temporarily due to increased battery usage. When you use apps or features that consume more power or use them for prolonged periods. 

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