How To Fix Nothing Phone 1 Speaker Not Working

Fix Nothing Phone 1 Speaker Not Working

Fix nothing phone 1 speaker not working – There are situations when you discover that your Nothing Phone 1‘s speakers suddenly stop working.

Many users will notice this when they attempt to play a game on the Nothing Phone 1, but they can’t hear anything as the Nothing Phone 1 sounds not working.

If you experience this, don’t panic because there could be several reasons the phone’s speakers aren’t functioning properly.

Various methods can be applied to your Nothing Phone 1 and even make the speakers start working properly to solve the external speaker not working on Nothing Phone 1.

These are simple to follow, and you don’t need technical knowledge to understand and apply these techniques.

How You Can Test Nothing Phone 1 Speaker?

Before you fix the speakers on your Nothing Phone 1, It is recommended first to check the speakers. It could be that the speakers work perfectly, but the way you tried to use them wasn’t correct.

  • To try out the performance of your Nothing Phone 1 speakers, start your Music player, which provides default on your Nothing Phone 1, and then play an audio file.
  • If the audio file plays and you hear the sound, it indicates that your speakers are operating well. Try using your speakers with another application to ensure.
  • You can go through the Diagnostic menu on Nothing Phone 1 and check your speaker. The method above should be able to work on almost every device to test your speakers.

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How to Fix Nothing Phone 1 Speaker Not Working

Here are some quick processes to get back Nothing Phone 1 sound

1. Check Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb mode is one of the Nothing Phone 1s that can block notifications from your phone. If this mode is activated, the speakerphone not working Nothing Phone 1, not even music intended to be played via the speakers.

If you’re trying to play something and Do Not Disturb is on, you may not hear any sound on your Nothing Phone 1.

To resolve this issue, disable the setting, and the speakers should be working again. Here’s how to accomplish that.

Step 1: Navigate towards Settings > Sounds and Vibrations > > Do not disturb your Nothing Phone 1.

Step 2: Turn the toggle to Do Not Disturb to the off position. Try playing an audio track on your Nothing Phone 1.

2. Reset Sound Settings

After pressing the speaker icon:

  • Hold and press the Volume Down button for 5 seconds.
  • Quickly press and hold down your Up button for 10 seconds until 10 minutes.
  • Verify if you have noticed any changes.

Check your Sound settings. Select Settings, then Sounds and Vibration, then select the volume button. Slide the media sound not working Nothing Phone 1 slider towards the left side to muffle all sounds.

For 30 seconds, move the slider back towards the left. Make sure the speaker is working correctly now.

Additionally, look over your app’s sound settings to ensure that the sound isn’t muted for specific apps.

3. Disable Bluetooth

If you’re Nothing Phone 1 terminal is connected to external speakers, then turning off Bluetooth will fix the issue. With two fingers, swipe downwards and tap on the Bluetooth icon to turn off the option.

Also, open Settings and then select Connected Devices. This will determine if your device is linked to any audio devices that are external to yours.

Then disable Do Not Disturb mode. Again, swipe down, and make sure that Do Not Disturb is turned on. If that’s the case, you can disable it and attempt again this can solve the speaker problem.

4. Clean the Speaker and Remove the Case

If you can enable the loudspeaker function; however, the Volume or quality is poor, you should remove the Case. Certain cases may block the sound.

Dirt, debris, or dust specks can cause your loudspeaker to behave improperly. Shut off your device and remove the batteries (if the battery isn’t sealed).

Make use of a can of compressed air to cleanse the speaker. Also, you can use a soft toothbrush to scrub the grills on the speaker gently.

5. Restart the Device

One of the most familiar modes to fix the problem the point the Nothing Phone 1 speaker are not functioning is to restart the Nothing Phone 1.

If you have apps or other programs causing problems with the speakers on your phone, changing off your Nothing Phone 1 and then depending on it can determine the problem for most. There is also no harm in this procedure.

Nearly all Nothing Phone 1s devices can be restarted by pressing the power button. Nothing Phone 1 displays options on the screen that let you select what you’d like to do on your phone. To reboot your device:

Step 1: Push and hold the power button of your Nothing Phone 1 for a few minutes.

Step 2: Select the option that reads Restart to restart your Nothing Phone 1.

6. Check App-Specific Sound Settings

Nothing Phone 1 has many kinds of apps. Certain apps have specific audio settings. These apps can turn off and on sounds in various settings.

If you’ve disabled the option to play sounds within these apps, this could be why you cannot play the sound through your speakers when you use these apps.

Since every app has a specific menu, you can’t apply a standard method to restore your sound.

In this instance, the best method to fix the problem is to open the app’s settings menu and look for the option to play sound. Check to see if any audio options are turned off.

7. Visit a Repair Shop

If the option for loudspeakers isn’t working, take it to a repair shop that is authorized and let a professional look at the device.

Tell them about the solutions you’ve tried to solve the problem. Perhaps some hardware components are malfunctioning, and you’ll need to fix the device.

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Wrapping Up

If your Nothing Phone 1 speakers not working, reboot the device and look for updates. Also, you can change the sound settings and disable Bluetooth or Do Not Disturb modes.

If the problem persists, take the Case off, clean your speakers’ grilles, switch to Safe Mode, and then change your settings. Inspect for improvement.

Did this information help you solve the problem on your Nothing Phone 1? Tell us by dropping a comment below.

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