How to Fix Nothing Phone 1 Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Fix Nothing Phone 1 Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Fix Nothing Phone 1 Not Connecting to Wi-Fi – Suppose you’re experiencing problems with your Wi-Fi connection.

In that case, it may be due to a hardware problem (something physically not right in the device Nothing Phone 1), an issue with software (an improper setting or application interference) or something else.

Background application data may have reduced your allowance for data. Although it’s unlikely, malware infections might be affecting your connection.

Learn why your Wi-Fi may not function on Nothing Phone 1 and how you can fix it using helpful troubleshooting advice.

Below are some of the additional systematic explanations of why Wi-Fi doesn’t work on your Android device:

  • The Wi-Fi signal could be affected

Sometimes, a different Wi-Fi signal or outside signal, frequency or even could affect the Wi-Fi signal that you’re trying to connect to, causing disruption to the connection and causing it to fail.

  • Your password or network is not correct

It’s the default SSID (network name), and the network’s password must be displayed within your router (or provided to you in case you’re using public Wi-Fi). Ensure you’re connected to the correct connection and your username contains the correct capitalization and characters. Click the “eye” app icon in the password area to show the characters you’re typing.

  • If you have a broken or defective cable

Cables are susceptible to wear and tear, just like other pieces of hardware. When they’re broken, then you cannot be able to connect to Wi-Fi or phone wifi slow. If you’ve changed modems or routers recently, you can try replacing the cable that connects them.

  • You’re out of internet

Mobile internet usually has a limit on data. However, certain ISPs (ISPs) may also limit the amount of traffic transmitted to your home network. There’s a chance that you’ve exceeded the data limit and your Wi-Fi doesn’t work.

How You Can Fix Wi-Fi Connection On Nothing Phone 1

Check first whether the Wi-Fi connection is functioning on a different device. Try connecting to a different network.

If you can connect to Wi-Fi using the tablet or phone of someone else, It’s probably an issue with the network. If you can link to a distinct Wi-Fi network, the issue is likely with your device.

1. Switch Airplane Mode On and Off

Turn the airplane mode off and on for any connectivity issue on your mobile phone to determine whether this can fix the issue.

When you enable airplane mode, it disconnects phones from wireless connections on all networks.

When you turn off the mode, the phone has another chance to establish connections on all networks.

2. Reboot Your Nothing Phone 1

In some cases, the phone is experiencing an issue that prevents the phone from connecting to the Wi-Fi network. If this happens, the ideal solution is to reset the phone.

Rebooting your phone resets temporary settings and data, which can resolve small issues.

It is possible to reboot many Android smartphones by holding the Power button before selecting Restart on the menu. You can restart most routers using the power switch at the top of your router.

It’s usually at the rear side of the router. If your router isn’t equipped with this feature, use this switch on the power supply to switch the router off and then on.

3. Delete and then Re-Add the Wi-Fi Network setting on Nothing Phone 1

Authentication problems can result in troubles with authentication and force your Nothing Phone 1 to not link to the internet.

In this situation, you must delete the Wi-Fi network on your Nothing Phone 1 and then reconnect the network.

It is important to recall the password for your Wi-Fi network to conclude this process. Keep it convenient.

  • Start your Settings application on your smartphone.
  • Go to Wi-Fi & Network > Wi-Fi in Settings.
  • Tap Saved Networks for a list of all your wireless network settings.
  • Find and tap on your Wi-Fi network icon.
  • Select Forget on the Network to deactivate the network on your Nothing Phone 1.
  • Go back to the Wi-Fi setting page. Look for your wifi network in the list, then select the network name to specify a connection.

4. Turn off Power Saving Mode

The power saving feature is a feature that turns off many features on your phone to conserve battery. Sometimes it results in the system’s essential functions being disabled.

If you’ve enabled this feature, turn off the mode and check if you can connect your smartphone to your Wi-Fi connection.

5. Set Network Setting on your Nothing Phone 1

Your Nothing Phone 1’s network settings are vital as they aid the phone in specifying the network from the modem to your phone.

If you have incorrectly defined settings for networks, this could result in your Android phone not connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

However, you can change the Nothing Phone 1’s settings for network connectivity, and you can reconfigure them as necessary. Be sure to have the Wi-Fi password in hand since you’ll need it to join the network.

6. Settings for location

GPS tracking consumes the Wi-Fi connection and reduces speed. You can disable location tracking using settings > location. The option to turn off location tracking is a great method to speed up the performance of your iPhone If it’s an Apple user.

7. Check Your Modem/Router Connections

If your Nothing Phone 1 isn’t connected to the Wi-Fi network, you should inspect the link to your modem or router and try to reset one or reboot it. Inspect all additional devices linked to the same network.

Nothing Phone (1) WiFi Issues! [Fix Not Working]

How to set up a modem or router

  • Unplug the modem or router and then wait for 30 minutes.
  • Reconnect the device and then wait for another 30 minutes.
  • Check to see if all the indicators are lit up.
  • Verify your connection.

Your Wi-Fi connection will now be working. If not, you could have another issue with your network.

FAQ On Nothing Phone 1 Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Why is the Wi-Fi not working on my phone but is working on other gadgets?

Restart your Nothing Phone 1.

Why is Wi-Fi no longer functioning on my smartphone?

If your Android phone or tablet doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi, make sure you check your modem or router connection and attempt a reset. Check all other devices connected to the network. Here’s the procedure: reset a modem or router, disconnect the modem or router, and wait 30 minutes.

How can I repair the Wi-Fi issue on my Nothing Phone 1?

How do I fix Wi-Fi Connection on an Android Tablet
Restart the Nothing Phone 1.
Ensure that your Nothing Phone 1 is in range.
Delete the Wi-Fi Network.

Why isn’t my Wi-Fi turning on for my Nothing Phone 1?

There could be a lot of explanations why your phone’s Wi-Fi will not turn on, and the typical reasons are aeroplane mode turned-on applications from third parties and other settings in the system like the low-power mode.

What happens if I change the network settings on my Nothing Phone 1?

It’s suggested that you reset your Nothing Phone 1 network settings if you struggle to connect with Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth, or cellular networks. Resetting the network settings will not erase all of your apps or personal information, but it will erase the Wi-Fi passwords saved and Bluetooth connections.

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