How To Fix One Plus 11 Battery Draining Issue

One Plus 11 Battery Draining Issue

One Plus 11 Battery Draining Issue – One Plus smartphones are well-known for their high-end quality, but the battery life could be better than expected. One Plus 11’s latest smartphone.

The One Plus 11, comes with a 5000mAh battery. This is a good size. It only lasts as well as other smartphones of its class.

One reason is the One Plus 11’s high-end specs. This phone features an LTPO3 Fluid AMOLED+ screen and can be powered up to 1 billion colors.

These tips and tricks will assist you in improving the battery performance of the One Plus 11 significantly.

Quick Fixes for One Plus 11 Battery Draining Issue

Here are some things you can do if your One Plus 11 battery performance is not being monitored.

  • You can find out which apps consume more battery by uninstalling them.
  • Check for Oxygen OS updates and install the latest version as soon as they are available.
  • To improve your battery life, you can use the power-saving mode
  • Use a darker Mode on one plus 11 to reduce battery consumption.
  • When not in use, turn off NFC and Bluetooth features
  • Your One Plus 11 should be restricted from background activities.

These tips will support you in enhancing your One Plus 11’s battery.

Optimize One Plus 11 Battery To Get Long-Lasting Battery Life

Here are some solutions for One Plus 11 Battery Draining Issue

1. Make sure you are up-to-date with your system, and then install them

Maintaining your One Plus 11 up-to-date is one of the best ways to ensure maximum performance. You can improve power management by installing system updates.

Make sure to check your device regularly for new updates and make sure to install them as soon as possible.

2. Use the power-saving mode on Oxygen OS

Use the power-saving mode on Oxygen OS

The power-saving mode of the One Plus 11 is designed to ensure you get every drop of battery life.

When activated, this mode will limit background activity and the performance of certain features to conserve power.

3. Reduce screen brightness and reduce the timeout

It is essential to reduce the power consumption of the One Plus 11 display. You can lower the screen brightness by setting it manually or allowing the display to adjust automatically.

4. Use a dark theme and Wallpaper

A dark theme can also help reduce the battery drain. You will see less screen light up and use less power. By going to Settings->Display->Theme, select “Dark” to activate the dark theme.

5. Reset Always-On Display

You can turn off the Always On Display setting to save battery life if you don’t use your lock screen for the date and time.

Go to Settings -> Security and lock screen -> Advanced-> Always-On Display, and toggle the setting.

6. Location services can be turned off if not in use

You can turn off location services if you use them only some of the time to save battery life. Go to Settings -> Security and location -> Location, then toggle off the setting.

7. Turn off Bluetooth

If you are not using Bluetooth, there is no reason to turn it off. Go to Settings -> Connections-> Bluetooth and turn the setting off.

8. NFC should be turned off

NFC, like Bluetooth, uses battery power even if it isn’t being used. Turn it off if you don’t use NFC. Go to Settings -> Connections -> NFC to toggle the setting off.

9. Wi-Fi should be turned off

You don’t need Wi-Fi if you aren’t using it. Go to Settings -> Network and Internet -> Wi-Fi to turn it off.

10. Limit background activity

Background activities are the largest battery drainer for smartphones. Background activity is when apps consume battery power even though you aren’t using them.

Go to Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Background restrictions, and then select “Restrict all app background activity.”

These are just a few suggestions to enhance your One Plus 11’s battery performance. These steps will help ensure your battery lasts for as long as possible.

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FAQ On One Plus 11 Battery Draining Problem

Why is my One Plus 11 battery draining so quickly?

Multiple elements can direct to One Plus 11 battery draining issues. Apps running in the background, consuming power even though they are not being used, is a common reason. The display is another common culprit.

It is one of the most energy-intensive features on smartphones. By lowering the brightness of your screen and limiting background running, you can reduce battery consumption.

How long does the One Plus 11 battery need to last?

One Plus 11 battery life can vary depending on how frequently you use the device for a regular task. The battery will drain quickly if you use power-hungry processes like GPS or display on for a longer time. You can lengthen your battery’s vitality by restricting your use of these features and taking advantage of power-saving modes.

A fully charged One Plus 11 usually has a backup battery of at least 8 hours, even when used a lot.

One plus 11 battery drain after the update

After updating, the One Plus 11 battery drained.
This could be due to a mixture of causes. The new software update could be causing more battery drain. There are also apps running in the background that could consume more power.
You may consider a factory reset if your battery drain is severe. This will fix your phone to its default settings, which can improve your battery life.

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