How To Fix Nothing Phone 1 Touchscreen Not Working

Fix Nothing Phone 1 Touchscreen Not Working

Fix Nothing Phone 1 Touchscreen Not Working – You likely interact with your Nothing Phone 1’s screen hundreds of times daily.

With its fragile glass construction, it’s no surprise that touchscreens on Nothing Phone 1 are among the most commonly used devices to encounter problems.

However, the touchscreen not functioning in your Nothing Phone 1 isn’t necessarily caused by a hardware issue.

If your touchscreen on your phone frequently does not work or doesn’t respond, there’s plenty you can do before seeking expert help.

Different Types of Touch Screen Issues on Nothing Phone 1

You could encounter many issues related to touchscreens not working properly on Nothing Phone 1.

  • The touchscreen does not respond to your movements.
  • The touch screen needs to respond correctly to the right touch.
  • The touch screen responds extremely slowly and needs to catch up.
  • The touch screen stops working or freezes.
  • Only a small portion of the touchscreen is functioning.
  • The Display flashes, flickers, or remains blank.

What Should You Check Before Fixing Screen Problems?

Before you Fix Nothing Phone 1 Touchscreen Not Working, You should follow these steps.

1. Inspect your device’s screen. Examine if it’s damaged or cracked.

2. If your screen has been damaged, it is necessary to replace it.

3. Remove the device cover and protect the display if it isn’t damaged.

4. If you notice any stickers on the device’s screen, you must take them off.

5. Make certain your display is spotless before moving on.

Here are some suggestions to fix the problem Phone 1 Touchscreen Problem

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1. Reboot Your Nothing Phone 1

Reboot Your Nothing Phone 1

A reboot could be useless in solving this kind of issue. But it’s usually one of the best solutions to fix an unresponsive touchscreen on Nothing Phone 1.

Restarting your phone turns off the phone and restarts all background processes that could have caused a crash and caused the issue.

Hold and push the Power button of the Nothing phone to show the power menu of nothing os, and then tap Restart. 

2. Remove the Screen Protector

Many people put screen protectors on their phones to protect them against scratches and drops. But the same piece of glass or plastic could hinder your signals from getting through to the display.

When your device’s screen is having issues lately, Try removing the screen protector. However, there needs to be a solution. However, it may improve the speed of response on a screen that’s already weak.

3. Turn off Developer Options on Nothing Phone

Turn ON/OFF Developer option on Nothing Phone (1)

Every Nothing Phone 1 has its limitations. However, the manufacturers of Nothing Phone 1s offer an option of Developer Options for advanced users.

The Developer Mode lets users change settings and clear boundaries. When you enable Developer Options, Certain Nothing Phone 1 begins to malfunction.

If your screen isn’t working properly after you turned on Developer Options in the past, it is recommended to turn off Developer Options. These are steps you should follow.

Step 1. Start by opening the Settings Applications on Your Nothing Phone 1.

Step 2: Select the System option, which is usually accessible at the lower right.

Step 3: Tap on Developer Options on Nothing Phone Setting

Step 4: You must switch off the Developer options by switching them off.

Step 5: You must restart your device and check whether the Android touchscreen randomly ceases to work. The issue is now solved.

4. Remove the SIM Card on Nothing Phone 1

Sometimes, your Nothing Phone 1’s SIM card can trigger this problem. You can try the following:

Switch off the phone and remove the back cover to remove the SIM card. Then, you can restart your device and see whether the display is working.

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5. Pair an External Keyboard and Mouse To Nothing Phone 1

If you cannot install any applications because of screen issues Connecting an external mouse and keyboard could help. It’s assumed you’re able to see the screen, though.

Controlling the Android Nothing Phone 1 using an external mouse and keyboard is usually simple. All you have to do is discover the proper connection and connect the devices.

Since your phone has only one USB input, you’ll require a dongle to connect the two.

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6. Water damage on Nothing Phone

A little moisture or even water could harm the internal parts that make up your phone. If your Nothing phone falls in the pool or water splits around it, you should clean it.

Please get rid of all the peripherals quickly, turn off your phone and allow it to dry.

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7. Operate Nothing Phone via Facial Movements or Voice Commands

If your Nothing Phone 1 swipe needs to be fixed, you can utilize your voice commands to control your nothing phone like Google Assistant.

This is a temporary solution to complete the urgent tasks you need to do using your device.

To control your voice for voice control, you can utilize the Google Voice Access app. It is essential to download the app before installing it. The app assigns you a number for each operation. 

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