How To Fix Poco F5 Overheating Problems

Fix Poco F5 Overheating Problems

Fix Poco F5 Overheating Problems – Several users have reported experiencing heating problems on their Poco F5 smartphones.

Users often report the problem when playing games and charging their POCO phones.

Not all users have had this problem with their smartphones. In this installment of our Troubleshooting Sequence,

We glance at some of the proven solutions and troubleshooting steps you can take to fix the Poco F5 Overheating Problem.

Why Is Your Poco F5 Getting So Hot?

Normal conditions should not cause your Poco F5 to be hot. You have a problem if it’s hot. However, don’t interpret heat as hot. It’s normal to feel a little warmer after 15 minutes of gaming.

If your Poco F5 is equipped with an app that protects against overheating, such as Device Heat Cooling Master, and you receive an alert from it or notice the device to be surprisingly warm to the touch, then you need to investigate.

You likely have closed apps or restarted your device to resolve the issue. You might have even Googled some error messages. Read on to discover what drives your Poco F5’s temperature to rise and how to avoid it.

Reasons For Overheating Problem In Poco F5

There are a few common causes why a POCO F5 heating issue may occur.

Hardware Components

Processor, RAM, screen, and battery are the main culprits. The main cause of heat production in your device is these components. The screen emits a light that heats the process.

Gaming For A Long Period

The heat your device produces can be problematic if you play for an extended period. POCO F5 also has an exceptional gaming performance.

Streaming Content

Overheating your phone by watching video content for long periods can damage the battery.

Incorrect Settings

It is also likely to reduce energy consumption by changing the settings on your phone. This involves using animated wallpapers, high brightness, and many widgets.

Not Updating Apps

You can update the apps established on your POCO F5 if they are affected by a bug.


Has the clock speed on your device been increased? Overheating and battery drain are the only results.

Overclocking will increase your F5’s performance but can also cause significant heat to your POCO F5.


Overcharging your phone will cause it to overheat. Stop charging your phone more than necessary.

10 Ways To Fix Poco F5 Overheating Problems

Here are some troubleshooting actions that you can take to Fix Poco F5 Overheating Problems .

Restart Poco F5

This action will refresh and clear the F5 system. This action clears and refreshes the system.

  • Hold the Power button and wait until Power options appear on the screen.
  • Select Reboot on the screen.
  • Poco F5 won’t start the reboot process.
  • Wait until the phone has completely rebooted.

Remove Poco F5 Case

The heat emitted from your smartphone’s body can be reduced using a case.

The Poco F5 will still charge if it is in a cool place. But the charging speed will be reduced to reduce the heat. The smartphone will stop charging when the heat becomes unbearable.

We don’t know of any other solution than to remove the Case and charge it, then put it back when done.

Do Not Play Games While Charging

We play games or use our phones while they are charging. IN THE WORST-CASE SCENARIO, the POCOC F5 can overheat, the battery could explode, or the F5 won’t turn on.

If you want to control your POCO device from overheating, especially while charging, avoid using it or playing games.

Use Poco F5 Orginal Charger

Original chargers come with smartphones when purchased. Original or genuine chargers are recommended. It is advised to use the actual charger.

This will affect battery arrangement, the power of the F5 to charge, and the battery life. The battery issue can lead to heating problems.

Chargers are rated differently for different devices. Using only the original charger and cables from the manufacturer is important.

Heavy Camera Use

The POCO F5 video camera may overheat if used for a long time. It only sometimes happens and depends on other factors.

  • Select resolution and framerate.
  • Brightness of screen
  • Excessive use of the camera.

Your POCO F5 may overheat if you use the front-facing camera to record for a few moments.

Avoid this by only using the POCO F5’s camera when necessary, ensuring that the screen does not get too bright and not recording at an excessive resolution.

Apps Draining Battery Life

Some applications can overheat the mobile phone and reduce the battery life. Check which applications are consuming too much battery on your mobile phone.

The app that uses too much battery and drains it quickly also causes heating problems. Do this:

  • You can swipe up by swiping from the home screen of your POCO F5.
  • Connect on the Settings icon, which examines like a gear.
  • Tap on Battery under Settings.
  • Tap Usage Details. The list of applications will show the battery usage.

You will then know which application is causing the problem by using excessive battery power.

Check For Software Updates

Update your operative system and all apps on your POCO F5 phone. Updates from manufacturers often include bug fixes and improvements to performance, which can resolve overheating issues.

Check Hotspot

There is nothing wrong with the F5. When you activate Hotspot on your F5, it connects to the cellular network.

Then uses WiFi to function as a hotspot. This puts too much strain on the battery and starts heating up.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

The temperature may not be related to the device. Overheating POCO F5 can be caused by environmental factors.

It is common to leave your POCO F5 in direct sun. The POCO F5 will overheat when placed on a dashboard in a car on a sunny day. Use the vehicle’s air conditioning system to cool the POCO F5.

Keep the POCO F5 away from direct sunlight. When you need it most, keep the POCO F5 in the shade. Avoid overheating your POCO F5 by storing it somewhere cool.

Clear App Cache on F5

Find the “Applications or Apps” section in your phone’s Settings. Select the app you think is causing your F5 to overheat.

Tap “Storage”, then “Clear Cache.” If necessary, repeat this process with other apps. Cache clearing can remove corrupted or excess data that could affect performance and also fix Poco F5 Overheating Problems.

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FAQ On Poco F5 Overheating Problems

Wrapping Up

Overheating on the POCO F5 is a concern. However, there are methods to resolve the problem on F5. You can mitigate overheating by following the troubleshooting tips mentioned above, including closing unwanted apps, adjusting the settings, clearing the cache, and maintaining the phone in a cool environment.

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