How To Fix Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Battery Draining Problem

Fix Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Battery Draining Problem

Fix Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Battery Draining Problem – Updates are constantly being released as smartphones improve. These updates can drain your battery quickly if they are not properly managed.

The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G has large batteries with 5000mAh. Battery drain is a problem that major companies have.

However, companies like Samsung are known for their ability to release updates and recover from problems quickly.

Reasons For Battery Draining Problems In Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

Here are some of the main reasons for battery draining problems in Samsung Galaxy A54 5G:

  • Unapproved Charger

Likely, you don’t own the original charger for your Samsung phone like A54. Each brand has chargers designed to meet their phones’ needs.

Using an unapproved charger or one not made by Samsung Official can drain your battery.

  • Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Screen Is Too Bright
Samsung A54 5G Has (6.4") FHD+ with a 120 Hz refresh rate display 1000 nits of Bight ness
Samsung A54 5G Has (6.4″) FHD+ with a 120 Hz refresh rate display 1000 nits of Bight ness

An FHD+ bright screen on Samsung Galaxy A54 5G consumes more power than one that is dim.

Suppose you use your phone in bright light or with the brightness set to high. Your battery will drain faster on Samsung Galaxy A54 5G.

Your A54 battery will drain quickly if you keep the brightness on full all the time. High brightness uses more power than low brightness or automatic brightness.

  • Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Battery Damaged

Battery damage can occur when your Samsung phone is exposed too quickly to dust and water.

  • Too Many Push Notifications

If you enable push notifications on almost all of your apps, your battery will be drained unnecessarily.

  • Newly Installed Apps Drain The Battery

Installed you an app recently? This app may be consuming your battery. Uninstall it.

  • Battery Can Be Consumed A Little Faster Right After Purchase

Even though you use your phone under the same conditions, your battery may drain faster than on your old device.

In the first few weeks after purchasing, apps, cloud data, and mail servers are still synchronizing in the background, which could impact battery consumption.

  • 5G Service May Consume More Battery

Your phone’s battery may be used more than usual when connected to a network that supports 5G.

The current 5G services comply with the Non-Standalone standard, which uses both 4G (LTE) and 5G.

5G and LTE are used for high-speed data processing on the current chipset on Samsung devices.

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10 Ways Fix Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Battery Draining Problem

Here are some of the quick fixes for your battery-draining problem in the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G:

1. Uninstall Newly Installed Apps

Consider uninstalling any newly downloaded apps if your Samsung Galaxy battery drains quickly. It is particularly important if this problem only started after downloading some apps.

2. Enable Device Protection

Malicious and harmful files on your Galaxy smartphone can cause battery drain. One UI has a device-protection function that removes viruses and spyware. How to enable it.

  • Go to Settings on your Samsung Galaxy A54 5G.
  • Navigate the Battery and A54 Care menu.
  • Tap on the device protection menu and select Turn on.

3. Check Location Services

You can use the One UI 4 software for Android 13 to check which apps constantly ask for location data in the background.

You can stop unwanted apps from accessing location data by Checking the list of apps.

4. Turn Off Background Apps

It is always advised to close unwanted Apps running in the background of your Samsung Galaxy A54 5G. These apps drain your battery. May continue to run even when you believe you have stopped using them.

These apps can be turned off manually or by using the battery-saving feature of your Samsung Galaxy A54 5G phone to reduce background activity. This will help you boost the battery life of your Samsung A54 5G.

5. Use Dark Mode

Samsung’s OLEDs look crisp, punchy, and beautiful. This is especially true when paired with a Quad HD+ display and a 120Hz refresh, as on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. In addition to the great screen viewing experience, OLEDs save battery life.

6. Disable Unused Notifications

Notifications can be annoying, but we don’t think to disable them. Some apps can be useful in optimizing the speed of your device.

Each notification that you receive will affect your battery percentage. You can disable many useful notifications to save battery life on your phone.

These apps should not send notifications. This is how you can do it on A54:

  • Open the Settings on A54
  • Select Applications
  • Uncheck the apps that send you unnecessary notifications.

7. Clear Partition Cache

The clearing of the cache is another solution. Caches can cause several problems on our mobile phones. Clearing all caches from your device could help you fix the battery problem.

8. Disable Always On Display

Always On Display can provide essential information on your lock screen, such as the date, time, and fingerprint area. It also allows you to receive notifications.

The AOD (Always on Display) consumes around 1% of your battery every hour. Overnight, the AOD will use 8%-10% of your phone’s battery.

9. Change Display Resolution

Only flagship Galaxy phones are affected. Galaxy S22 Ultra or S23 Ultra owners and those who own the Fold Series can reduce their display resolution to FHD and HD+.

There are more useful solutions than this. But it will help once you figure out the issue on A54.

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10. Stick To Certified Chargers

Following Apple’s lead, Samsung has removed adapters for its flagship smartphones. Avoid using cheap adapters from unreliable third parties if you recently bought a Galaxy phone.

Stick with certified Samsung chargers, or buy an adapter made by a reputable charger maker like Anker. You better use Samsung’s charger to ensure a better and more reliable charging performance.

Wrapping Up

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G is a great device, especially for its price and features. The techniques above can help solve the problem of a fast-draining power supply.

These fixes should help you get more battery life. If these fixes do not function, you should have your battery on Galaxy A54 5G checked by an expert.

FAQ On How To Fix Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Battery Draining Problem

Why is my Samsung Galaxy A54 5G suddenly losing battery so fast?

Too many alerts are exhausting the battery on A54 and push notifications. There are too multiple apps operating location services. Too multiple applications are running in the background of Samsung Galaxy A54 5G.

Why is my Samsung A54 5G battery draining fast?

Background running apps & RAM consuming applications

Why is my battery draining so fast but the battery is good?

Suppose you notice that your battery drains faster than normal. Either your A54 5G is using too much energy or needs to utilize energy effectively. You could be overworking your device by running too many apps, or there may be a physical problem with the battery.

Should I turn off 5G to save battery in Samsung Galaxy A54 5G?

Whether your A54 5G has 5G or 4G doesn’t matter. The battery won’t drain any faster. What matters is how you use that connection. 5G in ideal conditions can reduce battery consumption.

How do I stop my Samsung Galaxy A54 5G from saving battery?

Setting – Battery Care – Battery – Power Saving – Tap the toggle on the option Limit apps and the Home Screen.

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