How To Fix Motorola Edge 40 Battery Draining Problem

Motorola Edge 40 Battery Draining Problem

Motorola Edge 40 Battery Draining Problem – Battery life concerns Motorola Edge 40 most users, even though devices are becoming more energy efficient as batteries evolve larger.

Modern technology is required, but you should still plug in your Motorola Edge 40 multiple times daily. It’s worth the effort to identify the cause of a phone battery that drains faster than normal.

Reasons For Motorola Edge 40 Battery Draining Problem

The Motorola Edge 40 battery can be affected by several factors. To resolve this issue on Moto Edge 40. Among the multiple everyday causalities are:

Battery Life

Keep the screen brightness high for long periods it may drain your Motorola Edge 40 battery life.

– Background Apps

Numerous applications operating in the background consume the system to help and drain the battery.

– Unnecessary notifications

Apps that send out many notifications can drain the battery by constantly waking it up.

– App Settings

Some apps have settings that result in constant syncing or background activity.

– Battery Saver Mode on Moto UI

The Edge 40 cannot optimize power consumption if the battery-saving mode is not activated.

– Battery Consumption

Certain apps or services can consume excessive battery power because of bugs or inefficient code.

– Outdated Apps and Software

Older software and apps can cause compatibility problems, excessive battery drain, and inefficient power consumption.

– Harsh Temperatures

Batteries of Moto Edge 40 can be affected by extreme temperatures such as heat or cold.

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7 Ways To Fix Motorola Edge 40 Battery Draining Problem

There are several methods to fix the Motorola Edge 40 battery draining problem quickly:

1. Performing a Factory Reset

If your Motorola Edge 40 is having a battery drain issue it may be solved by considering a quick factory reset it will help to eliminate your software-related issues.

Before resetting, ensure you’ve backed up Moto Edge 40 to google drive all your important data.

2. Check for a newer software update

Motorola most likely released a new update to fix the battery drain problem. Go to your Moto Edge 40’s settings and see if there is a recent update by Motorola Edge 40.

Update your Motorola Edge 40 if there is one. Then check again for software updates. Sometimes brands release multiple upgrades, which need to be installed individually.

You may require to wait a few more weeks to download the update that improves the battery drain on Moto Edge 40.

3. Close All Background Apps

Background applications can also cause your Edge 40’s battery to drain too quickly. These include Moto Edge 40’s local browser, YouTube and Netflix, games, and streaming services.

Avoid playing games on your Moto Edge 40, as their battery drains quickly. This is especially true if you’re a mobo gamer with high-end graphics on Moto Edge 40, like PUBG.

Battery drain is caused by background apps that are not being used. Common applications include Facebook, Instagram Messenger, and WhatsApp.

These apps running in the background use consistent data, pull your location, send a notification, and more.

These settings will consume battery even if you are not actively using the Edge 40.

4. Disable Unused Features

Certain features of your Moto Edge 40 can quickly drain the battery. When not needed, disable or limit GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi.

Also, you can conserve battery life by lowering Moto Edge 40 screen brightness or enabling auto-brightness.

5. Advance Your Edge 40’s Screen Timeout Settings

A screen timeout is another setting that’s worth tweaking. It contains the quantity of time before your screen moves into sleep mode.

To save battery, it is recommended that you keep the screen lit for shorter periods between sleep cycles. You can adjust the Edge 40 screen timeout setting by:

  • Click on Settings.
  • Tap Display > Timeout (or display > Advanced > Timeout)
  • You will see a list of intervals. Set your Edge 40 screen for an interval between 30 seconds and one minute.

6. Keep away from extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures can quickly ruin the battery life of your Motorola Edge 40. It’s best to keep your Edge 40 at room temperature and pay attention to how hot it gets while Fast charging. Avoid charging your phone under your clothing or pillow.

7. Clear App Cache

Over time, cached data can affect battery performance on Edge 4. Clear the cache by opening “Settings”, and “Storage”.

“Cached data” and selecting individual apps or all applications. This can free up your device’s space and improve battery life.


You can solve battery drain issues with your Motorola Edge 40 by implementing the tips in this article. Battery life can be improved by modifying screen brightness on Moto Edge 40, managing apps in the background, and optimizing settings.

Keep your software and apps updated, and don’t expose them to extreme temperatures. Consider resetting factory settings or seeking professional help if the problem persists. Motorola Edge 40 offers a long-lasting battery and seamless smartphone performance.

FAQ On Motorola Edge 40 Battery Draining Problem

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