How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S23 or S23+ Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Fix Samsung Galaxy S23 or S23+ Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Fix Samsung Galaxy S23 or S23+ Not Connecting to Wi-Fi – Problems with a connection can be among the more frequent issues you may have to deal with now and then, even when using an expensive device such as the Galaxy S23 series.

This is because, nearly all the time, the problem isn’t related to the Samsung S23 series. But rather, the device that connects to your Wi fi network or the network itself.

A few users have reported that their Samsung Galaxy S23 or S23+ could not be connected to the Wi-Fi network they previously connected to.

This issue is relatively minor. However, it is essential to follow the basics of troubleshooting to learn more about the issue and, eventually, resolve it.

Common Causes Of Wi-fi Connection Issues On Samsung Galaxy S23 or S23+

  • Network configurations, such as IP address and DHCP configurations.
  • Software and firmware issues
  • Misinformation and passwords
  • Distribution of radio waves (Wi-Fi is a term used to describe radio signals that move in a straight line. It is possible to interpret even if you’re in an unreachable location of the modem or behind walls with discrete features)

How to Fix Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues Samsung Galaxy S23 or S23+

Here are some quick fixes for Connectivity Issues in Samsung Galaxy S23 or S23+

1. Toggle the WiFi

Galaxy S23's How to Enable Disable WIFI

Contrary to what you might think, switching your Wi-Fi connection can be effective. The notification area is closed on your Samsung Galaxy S23 or S23+ and look for the Wi-Fi icon.

Then, please turn it off for five seconds before turning it on. Let your phone look for connections available, and then check if this
resolves your problem.

It is a straightforward trick that works regardless of your phone’s model.

2. Reset Network Settings

Most of the time, the two options above can be enough to resolve problems like this. If the issue persists even after you have deleted the Wi-Fi network you used to connect to, you must reset the settings for the network on your S23,

This will reset the wireless service on your device, which will solve any network-related issues. Here’s how to do it on Samsung Galaxy S23 or S23+:

  1. Open the Application drawer on S23 and tap the Settings icon.
  2. Scroll to the lower part of the screen and tap General management.
  3. This will show other options.
  4. Tap Reset Network Settings from the given Option.
  5. This Will ask you to Reset your device and confirm it using the security code.
  6. This will start the resettling Wi-Fi process.

3. Factory Reset Your Phone

If you need to fix persisting network problems, you can choose to perform the reset factory.

This will restore everything to default configurations, including the Wi-Fi network’s functions and services.

However, it would be best to make backups of your most important data and files since they’ll be erased when the process is completed.

Once you’re accomplished, heed the steps below to reset your Samsung Galaxy S23 or S23+.

  • Open the Settings app on the Samsung galaxy S23 S23+.
  • Scroll to the base, then Tap General Option on the Setting Menu.
  • Tap Reset to display the reset options available.
  • Tap Factory data Reset on the menu.
  • Scroll underneath the menu and Click Reset.
  • When asked, Enter your security lock.
  • Press to delete all.
  • Type in your Security Key or Face Unlock, then Click Done to finish the Reset.

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4. Connect A Different Device

Connecting another device is one method to determine whether the problem is with your phone or if your router/ISP is to blame for the Wi-Fi issues.

To do this, you’ll require a different device, such as a tablet or phone, to connect it to the Wi-Fi networks in the Talks app and verify that it works.

If you put your S23 in the same spot you typically use, you can determine whether the distance between two nodes or if your primary phone is to blame.

5. Disable Power Saving Mode

The Power Saving Mode on Samsung One UI is designed to make your battery use less energy. Since Wi-Fi has been known to consume battery power quickly.

It usually shuts off the Wi-Fi connection when you switch to Power Saving Mode. To turn off the Power Saving Mode, head into Settings > Device Care Power Mode > Battery.

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6. Enter Correct Passwords

It would be best if you typed in the correct password to be capable of connecting.

Although you might be aware of the password, there’s the possibility of not entering the correct password. Ensure you enter the correct characters and whether you have a caps lock on your phone.

7. Update to latest version of One UI

OS is required to be regularly updated. The phone will run better when the OS is updated to the latest firmware. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Wi-Fi may not be functioning due to an error in the software.

Check if the phone is running the most recent software or update it to the latest firmware from Samsung to run the device properly:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on About Device or Software Update
  • Click on Updates to check for updates or download the updates manually.
  • If you’ve got a new version, then download it to install.

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8. Restart Your Modem

Another easy and practical choice is to reboot your modem. Most of the time, it’s not on the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. Here’s how you can restart your modem

  • Unplug all cables from your modem, such as the power cable
  • Take a couple of seconds until your modem shuts down
  • Reconnect the wires to your modem.
  • Watch for the lights on the modems to turn up.

Wrapping Up

However, if the issue persists or recurs shortly, it could be a problem with the router. It is recommended to contact your Wi-Fi service provider and request your router be repaired. We hope this blog post regarding Wifi issue can help you solve the issue On your Samsung Galaxy S23 or S23+.

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