How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+Battery Draining Problem

Fix Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+Battery Draining Problem

Fix Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+Battery Draining Problem – The Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+ are smart-designed, exceptionally well-made phones.

Samsung has put a lot into its software, and you can see it in the latest updates of One UI.

If you own a Samsung S23/S23+, you may have witnessed your Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+ Battery Draining Problem quickly.

This could be because your phone is being used while charging. You might also be using an unofficial charger or of a different brand, draining your battery quickly.

Why Is My Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+ Dying So Fast?

1. Display high brightness and refresh rates, long timeout, and high brightness.

2. Poor Network.

3. Multiple background apps and services.

4. Device firmware is the culprit.

5. Apps that are not working correctly and too many push notifications.

These are just a few of the many reasons your Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+ battery drains quickly.

Top 10 Solution For Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+ Battery Draining Problem

Here is the quick solution for Fix Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+Battery Draining Problem

1. Using Device When On Charging

It is a common occurrence to charge your phone while it is charging. This can directly impact the battery health of your smartphone.

The battery will charge slower if your phone is charged while it’s charging. Your battery can heat up if the charger is plugged in.

To prevent further damage to your battery, we recommend that you do not engage in such an activity.

2. Disable Always-On Display

 Disable Always-On Display on Samsung S23/S23+

Your phone’s display will drain your battery if it is always on. The new Samsung S23/S23+ uses a Dynamic AMOLED screen, but it still consumes a portion of your battery to light the screen and display diodes.

3. Check Battery Usage

Unclosed applications may be running in the background, which we often need to realize. These applications consume battery power, regardless of whether we use them.

To examine an application, you should notice how much it drains your battery on Samsung S23/S23+.

There is an easy way to limit such apps on your Android smartphone. These are the steps you should follow:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Choose Battery
  • Use Tap Battery Options
  • Select to show the complete device usage

4. Turn On the Auto-Brightness Feature

A great tip is to activate the auto-brightness function. Sometimes you may be in low light settings and do not require high brightness.

However, your phone doesn’t adjust its settings accordingly. Your Samsung S23/S23+ battery may be draining more quickly. This will prevent your battery from draining faster.

5. Disable Unused Notification

We all know how annoying and distracting notifications can be, but we don’t think about turning them off.

Some applications can be valuable to help your run at its best. Each notification that you receive is part of your battery percentage.

You can disable many helpful notifications to save your battery. We recommend that you stop such applications from sending notifications. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open settings
  • Choose Apps
  • Uncheck all notifications that are not necessary for the app

6. Disable Unused features

Many features on a smartphone can be left unused for years. These include features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. These features can drain your battery life if they keep running.

These features are often more efficient because their operating systems control battery drain, manage app usage and optimize other things that draw less battery.

Most background apps use these features, so disabling them will prevent battery drain.

7. Update Apps & Software

These battery problems are primarily fixed in the latest updates of One UI, as mentioned. It is essential to keep your phone current, so it does not suffer from any older versions.

Older software can cause severe damage to your phone, including a slower processor and a draining battery.

We recommend that you update your Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+. You can update any outdated software as soon as you find them.

8. Power Saving Mode

Samsung has also created a power-saving mode that effectively reduces your battery life.

You don’t have to stress about any of the earlier-mentioned troubles when in power-saving mode.

The power-saving mode on Samsung S23 / Samsung S23+ will disable all unused apps and features. Here’s how to turn on the power-saving mode in Samsung S23/S23+:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Choose Battery and Device Care > Battery
  • To turn on the power-saving mode, tap on the switch.

9. Turn Off 5G when not in use

The new 5G internet connectivity is fantastic. It does require a large battery.

We might only need 5G connectivity some of the time. You can switch to Wi-Fi connectivity if you live in an area with Wi-Fi access.

Mobile data in the past also drained batteries. However, with the new connectivity and the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+, we recommend that you turn off your 5G when not in use.

10. Check the device battery health

It is essential to monitor your phone’s battery life.

Your priority should be to keep your phone’s battery charged. It is most beneficial to charge your Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+ when it reaches 15%.

It would be best to touch or use your device once the battery has fully charged.

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Wrapping Up

The Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+ is an excellent device, especially considering the features and price. These techniques can solve the problem of a fast-draining cell.

These fixes should make your battery last longer. If these solutions do not work, it is a good idea to have your battery tested by a professional.

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