How to Fix Realme 11 Pro + 5G Battery Draining Problem

How to Fix Realme 11 Pro + 5G Battery Draining Problem

Fix Realme 11 Pro + 5G Battery Draining Problem – Have you noticed that your Realme 11 Pro + 5G smartphone consumes more battery than usual? You don’t need to worry.

In this article, we’ll provide some useful solutions to fix the battery drain on your device. Following these steps can help optimize your battery and give you a phone that performs longer.

Reasons For Realme 11 Pro + 5G Battery Draining Problem

Here are some of the reasons for the Realme 11 Pro+ battery draining problem:

1. High-Performance Mode on updated Realme UI for Realme 11 Pro +

2. Android OS on Realme 11 Pro +

3. Use of the Realme 11 Pro + Too Much

4. Heavy multitasking on Realme 11 Pro +

5. Issues with Software

6. The network shifting on Realme 11 Pro +

7. Buggy Apps on Realme 11 Pro +

8. Third-party apps on Realme 11 Pro +

9. Heavy Screen Time On Realme 11 Pro +

10. Sunlight / Hot Environment

Now, let’s see how to fix the Realme 11 Pro + 5G battery draining issue. After reading all the methods, you’ll find the answer.

In this blog post, you will learn about methods you didn’t know existed for Realme 11 Pro + 5G.

Best Ways to Fix Realme 11 Pro + 5G Fast Battery Draining Problem

Here are the Quick and Best Steps to fix the Realme 11 Pro + 5G Fast Battery Draining Problem:

1. Restart Your Realme 11 Pro + 5G

Your issue doesn’t count; you must restart your Realme 11 Pro + at least once. Restart your Realme 11 Pro+ when you see your phone draining too much battery.

After a few seconds, restart your Realme 11 Pro +, and you’ll see how much the battery has increased and how much the battery has decreased.

The background processes are updated when you restart your mobile phone. By restarting your device, you will end all processes that are running in the background and give it time to cool.

However, this is just a brief answer. To permanently resolve this issue, you should read the rest of our methods.

2. Check for Battery-Draining Apps

Using certain apps in the Background will drain your battery fast. You can easily identify them by:

  • Settings
  • Tap on Battery or Battery & Performance.
  • Battery Usage is where you can see which apps are the most energy-consuming.

If you discover that a certain app consumes much power on Realme 11 Pro +, uninstall or optimize its settings to undervalue battery use.

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3. Adjust Screen Brightness and Timeout

You can modify the Realme 11 Pro + screen brightness and timeout. Smartphones are drained by their display. How to conserve battery life

To reduce the screen brightness on Realme 11 Pro +, go to Realme 11 Pro + Settings >Display >Brightness and set it to a lower setting.

Go to Settings > Display and select Screen timeout. Choose the period break that pleasingly suits your use.

4. Disable Unnecessary Connectivity Options

Disable Unnecessary Connection Options like WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS are some features that can use battery power. When not needed, turn them off:

You can reach the Quick Setting board by sliding down from the screen lid. Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS when not necessary on Realme 11 Pro +.

5. Optimize Battery Usage For Realme 11 Pro + 5G

Realme 11 Pro + 5G include battery optimization features that can help to extend the battery life.
Select Settings > Batteries > Battery Optimization.
Select the apps to which you would like to optimize battery use.

Choose Optimize Power or Intelligent Power Saver as the option to use for these applications.

6. Avoid Using Phones and playing games while Charging

Use your phones and games to charge, but avoid using them while charging. This is because if you’re a person who plays games on Realme 11 Pro+ while charging, it can also cause the battery to drain.

The battery drains when playing games or using the phone while charging. Do not play games when charging. Even though it has a 5000mAh battery, the Realme 11 Pro+ will last about one day with a single charge.

However, some users still use the Realme 11 Pro+ while charging. The battery will ultimately die, and your Realme 11 Pro + will stop functioning. Please do not use your Realme 11 Pro+ when charging. You can fix the Realme 11 Pro + 5G battery draining problem.

7. Use Dark Mode

Use dark mode on your smartphone to get more backup and save battery. Every smartphone today has a Dark Mode.

Dark mode on Realme 11 Pro + realme UI 4.0 is a great way to preserve battery life, keep your Realme 11 Pro + cool, and save your vision.

You may experience some strange feelings when using dark mode for several days. It is impossible to go back after you’ve started using dark mode. The dark mode is addictive.

8. Perform a Factory Reset

If you have tried everything else and it still accomplishes work, you can do a factory resetting to remove any Realme Ui-related problems.

Backup: Make sure to back up important data before a reset factory. Go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Backup & Reset.

Reset factory data by selecting the option and then selecting it. Follow the Realme 11 Pro + display instructions to reset the system.

Wrapping Up

These steps will help you troubleshoot battery draining on your Realme 11 pro + 5G. Keep your device updated, optimize apps, adjust the display, and adjust display settings to maximize battery life. Realme customer service can provide further assistance if your problem persists even when you’ve tried these solutions.

FAQ On Realme 11 Pro + 5G Battery Draining Problem

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