Nothing Phone 1 Fingerprint Sensor Not Working

Fingerprint Sensor Not Working

Nothing Phone (1) Fingerprint Sensor Not Working – Fingerprint sensors, which are fast, safe, and widely available on many Nothing Phone 1,can be used quickly and easily. Multiple purposes can be made for the fingerprint sensor.

Secret codes are a great way to protect your data. Every individual has a special code on their fingers. It can’t be communicated with anyone. This makes the fingerprint scanner more reliable and easy to use.

Even the best-selling cell phones may have technical problems. These can be nerve-wracking, especially if you are trying to get something done quickly and your fingerprint sensor does not respond.

Possible Causes for Fingerprint Scanner Not Working In Nothing Phone 1

Here are some common reasons that fingerprint recognition does not work. Scroll down and see if this is you.

1. Get liquid or dirt on the fingers

Because fingerprint scanners read your fingertip image to unlock your screen, your fingers must remain clean. Please wash your hands after you have dried them. If it works, then try your Fingerprint.

2. Injured or scarred figures

Fingerprints can change due to accidents, hectic work, or labor injuries. These scars leave lines or marks on your finger, which alter the original Fingerprint and prevent you from unlocking your phone with saved fingerprint recognition.

Nothing Phone 1 generally permits up to five fingerprints to open their phones.

Follow these actions for a short and comfortable job.

  • Go to Settings of Nothing Phone 1
  • Select Security Option
  • Select the Fingerprint option on setting
  • Add a fresh fingerprint

You can also delete your old Fingerprint and add another one.

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3. The fingerprint scanner has two modes: dry and wet.

The fingerprint scanner requires cleaning, like your figures, for accurate results. Your fingerprint scanner can become clogged up with dirt and grease, making it impossible to read the print of your figure.

A damp cloth dipped in water can clean the scanner or screen of Nothing Phone 1. To protect it from severe damage, don’t scratch it or pressurize it with anything sharp/pointed.

4. Software Bug

Check that your software is updated. You can prevent fingerprint sensors from not working properly by installing pending updates. Also, if an issue occurs after a software upgrade, please roll back to the prior Nothing OS version.

  • These are the steps to take to update important software:
  • Go to Settings
  • Select System Update
  • Important updates should be downloaded and installed.

5. No Fingerprint hardware available

If your Android fingerprint sensor is still not functioning, it could be that the fingerprint hardware has not been installed.

An authorized technician should deal with this issue at Nothing Phone 1’s service center.

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How To Fix Nothing Phone 1 Issue When Fingerprint Is Not Working?

It can be complicated to figure out what to do if the fingerprint scanner doesn’t work. You may be in a situation where your Nothing phone 1 cannot be acquired.

There are solutions. Here’s how to fix a Nothing Phone 1 with a non-functioning fingerprint sensor.

1. Re-register Or Unregister Your Fingerprints

Although this can be tedious, it’s one of the easiest ways to get your fingerprint scanner to work. Registering your fingerprints might bring back your fingerprint scanner. Here’s how.

Step 1: Open the Settings App on your Nothing Phone 1 and choose Fingerprint Security. You might see a different name for this option on different Android smartphones.

Step 2: Select Fingerprints from the option given.

Step 3: Put your PIN to attain entry to your recorded fingerprints.

Step 4: Select a registered fingerprint and then tap on Delete. You will require to replicate this method for all recorded fingerprints again.

Step 5: Choose the Add fingerprint, and register each of your fingerprints.

2. A Cotton Swab Is Used For Cleaning

Cotton swabs are a straightforward and cost-effective method to wash smaller parts on your Nothing Phone 1. Your fingerprint detector will also get dirty since your hands are more likely to get dirty.

Your fingerprint sensor will likely bring dirt from crude oils, moisturizers, etc. It is feasible to use very little water but don’t absorb your cotton towel. Electronics are being discussed here.

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3. Remove Display Protectors For In-display Fingerprint Scanners To Work

There are two main types of in-display fingerprint scanners – ultrasonic and optical. Optical scanners shine a beam through the glass and capture a photo of your Fingerprint. This is how you unlock the phone.

Such scanners usually don’t have any issues with screen protectors. However, ultrasound scanners reflect sound waves off your finger to unlock the Nothing Phone 1. These scanners can have problems with screen protectors that are too thick.

No matter what type or brand of in-display scanner your phone has for fingerprint scanning, it’s best to remove the screen protector from your phone and then scan your finger with a scanner to check if it works.

For the most reasonable compatibility, it’s advised to utilize a protector that the OEM drives for your Nothing Phone 1.

4. Restart Your Phone

Although it can seem repetitive, the classic “turn off your phone and turn it on again” advice is very useful.

Restarting your smartphone can solve minor issues like unstable Wi-Fi connections, frozen apps or faulty fingerprint sensors.

Rebooting your phone might be the best option for fixing your fingerprint scanner.

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5. Upgrading Your Software

Another issue that could cause the “fingerprint scanner not working” issue is software bugs. Please check for any uncertain updates on your device before establishing them.

You can also wait to install the next system update if the problem occurs after you have installed it. Or roll back to previous updates.

Open the Settings app, tap “System,” select “System Update,” and download and execute any pending update.

6. Wipe The System Cache

If your Nothing Phone 1 Fingerprint isn’t working, you might need the system cache to be cleared. Generally, this will not induce impairment to your phone.

Rather, it will just clear the information apps repeatedly accessed by the method. After every design update, you should replicate this approach frequently.

Follow the steps below to clear your Android system cache in recovery mode.

Step 1: Firstly, shut down your device.

Step 2: Pressing the Volume up+Power button simultaneously will boot Recovery mode.

Step 3: This will count on the model of your Nothing Phone 1. If you don’t know how to turn on recovery mode, you may be able to find help online.

Step 4: Choose to Wipe the supply chamber with Volume controls and connect the power button to ensure.

Step 5: After the partition has been wiped out, reboot your device.

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7. Visit the service desk

If you still have problems with Android fingerprints not working after applying the above solutions, you cannot fix them yourself. To get your device fixed by a technician, take it to a professional service center (preferably an official one).

For any problem your smartphone may be experiencing, they offer professional and reliable mobile repair services. They will help you fix your fingerprint problem on Nothing Phone 1 by having you visit Nothing authorized service centers.

Wrapping Up

Nothing Phone 1 that does not support fingerprint scanning is a common problem. But it is not something you should panic basically. There are numerous ways to eliminate the problem.

In this blog, I will explain the error and several solutions to make fingerprint scanners work on Nothing Phone 1. I hope you will find these helpful and easy solutions to your problem.

You can also drop your suggestions and queries regarding the nothing phone 1 fingerprint issue in the comment section below.

FAQ On Nothing Phone (1) fingerprint sensor not working

How can you fix Nothing Phone 1’s non-functioning fingerprint sensor?

These methods fix a problem with fingerprint scanners in Nothing Phone 1.
Register Your Fingerprints, then Re-Register on Nothing Phone 1.
Make infallible that your fingers are hygienic, dry, and clean
Clean the Fingerprint scanner exterior.

Why doesn’t my Nothing Phone 1 recognize me as a fingerprint?

It would be sufficient if you checked the screen for blemishes or dirt.
You must ensure that the fingerprint recognition region and your fingers remain clean and dry.
Nothing Phone 1 may not recognize fingerprints with wrinkles and scars. Nothing Phone 1 may not recognize small or thin fingerprints

Do fingerprint sensors ever wear out?

It takes just a second to unlock the car, but it’s still a significant speed bump. What is the problem? The problem with fingerprints is that they wear out and change while you work with them.

How do you reset your Fingerprint on Nothing Phone 1?

These steps are for those who have fingerprints stored on their Nothing Phone 1 and wish to remove them.
1 Tap Settings on Nothing Phone 1
2 Click Security
3 Tap Fingerprint on the setting menu.
Tap the Edit option.
5 Tap on the Fingerprint and click Delete.

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