Best Ways to Take Screenshots on Nothing Phone 1

Best Ways to Take Screenshots on Nothing Phone 1

Best Ways to Take Screenshots on Nothing Phone 1 – There are many options to take Screenshots On Nothing Phone 1. Some are manufacturer-specific, some operate system-wide, and some rely on dedicated apps from the Google Play Store.

It can be challenging to make meaning of the choices and determine the best method for screenshots for your Nothing device.

Let’s review the most popular methods of taking Nothing Phone 1 screenshots and then introduce two of the most useful third-party apps to do this task.

1. Use Nothing Phone 1 Screenshot Shortcut

Use Nothing Phone 1 Screenshot Shortcut

Today, taking screenshots using just your Nothing Phone 1 is simple. Hold the power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously

You’ll see an animation on the screen followed by a confirmation in your notification area that your action worked.

There’s a way to get the timing just rightNothing Phone 1. Press it too quickly when you push the power button, and you’ll lock your screen.

However, press your volume buttons too quickly, and you’ll alter the Volume. Android Pie added a shortcut to capture a screenshot of the power menu if you prefer that.

2. Use Nothing Phone 1 Accessibility Shortcuts

There are a few phones that utilize a different Android method. For instance, older Samsung models require users to press the Power + Home buttons to take pictures.

However, the latest models use an alternative Power + Volume Down method on Nothing Phone 1 and the Accessibility Floating Button. Here are steps to enable on your Nothing Phone 1

  • Go To Setting Nothing Phone 1
  • Then tap on the Accessibility Option
  • Then go to the Accessibility menu
  • Turn on the Accessibility menu Shortcut
  • Allow the permission required
  • To use the Accessibility Option, tap on the icon showing on the screen.

After that, the procedure remains the same. You’ll receive an on-screen confirmation, and then the image will be visible in your gallery application.

Some phones utilize the standard method. However, they also offer different options.

For instance, you can use the Power button on some Sony devices to open the options menu. There, you can capture screenshots and record your Nothing phone’s screen.

3. Use Nothing Phone 1 Gestures

Many Android devices allow you to utilize gestures for taking pictures, removing the need for buttons.

Then, all you have to do is to swipe your fingers across your screen at a 90-degree angle to initiate a snapshot.

Motorola has a similar feature, and when it is activated, you can tap the screen using three fingers to take a picture.

Go through the user’s manual to find out if there’s an equivalent feature on the Nothing Phone 1 you have.

4. Use Quick Settings

Nothing Phone has added a screenshot option to the quick Settings menu.

To open the menu, swipe downwards toward the right corner of your Display. There may be an option labeled Screen Capture, Screenshot, or something similar.

If you can’t see the option, it cannot be visible. Click on the pencil icon located in the lower-left corner of the Quick Settings menu to alter the way shortcut buttons appear in the menu.

5. Ask Google Assistant to Take a Screenshot

It is possible to take a photo on your Nothing Phone 1 without the hassle of telling Google Assistant to take a screen.

Ask “Hey Google” to trigger Google Assistant to wake, and then you can say “take a screenshot” to take a photo.

This can be extremely helpful when, for instance, you cook or eat your food while watching YouTube.

How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot On Nothing Phone 1

By default, screenshots record what’s currently displayed in the display. However, you must create a screenshot that scrolls to capture the entire page.

It is standardized for Android 13. You must grab the screenshot and wait for the notification bar of nothing phone for screenshots to show up.

For Nothing Phone 1 running Android 13, like Google Pixel phones, click the Capture more button and drag the screen until it covers the whole page.

Once you’re satisfied, tap Save to save the screen. Things differ slightly when using Samsung Galaxy devices.

Make a screenshot and then wait for the toolbar to show. Double-click the icon to expand your image to one full screen.

Continue pressing that icon to expand as many screens as you require for a particular image.

Wrapping Up

Capturing a screenshot on Nothing Phone 1 is quite simple. Several methods are compatible with every Android smartphone and every manufacturer. Nothing offers at least one alternative method to take a photo.

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