How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – You can take a screenshot of any Galaxy smartphone or tablet to capture the moment, whether you are just completing a level in a game or saving an important document.

It may take a different method depending on what type of device you use to capture a screenshot. It’s easy to save images on your device.

7 Ways to Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Here are some of the easy steps to take a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra:

1. Use Volume Down Button + Key Combo Power Button Key Combo

To take a screenshot of Galaxy S23 Ultra, use the Volume Down + power button.

Tand keeps the Volume Down + power button on your phone while you are on the Screen to take a screenshot.

The Screenshot album will save the screenshot that you take.

2. Take Screenshots Using Google Assistant

To grab a screenshot of your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you can utilize Google Assistant. Google Assistant can be used to take a screenshot of your device.

Say OK, Google, and turn on Google Assistant. Ask Google Assistant for a screenshot.

The Assistant on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will then click a screenshot and save it to the Samsung Gallery app.

3. Use a palm swipe

Enable Palm Capture on Galaxy S23 Ultra

Not all Galaxy devices may support this function. Due to a hardware limitation, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite cannot support Palm swipe to capture.

You can grab screenshots operating the tablet keys and the Air command menu of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra or other Samsung tabs. The Gallery app will allow you to view and share your screenshots.

There’s another way to take screenshots. You can take a screenshot on some devices using a Palm swipe without pressing a button.

Search for Palm swipe to capture in Settings. Next, tap on the switch next Palm swipe to capture.

You can now take a picture by simply dragging the edge of your finger across your phone’s Screen.

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4. Use the S Pen

You can also take screenshots with an S Pen if you have a compatible tablet or phone. Screen write, a feature of the S Pen, allows you to snap a screenshot of your actions quickly.

Not all devices can take screenshots if they come with an S Pen Fold edition, S Pen Pro or preinstalled S Pen.

Take your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra S Pen out of your device and guide it to the Screen you like to capture. Tap the Air command icon and then tap Screen Write.

The device will automatically grab a screenshot of the web page that you are on. You can use the controls to draw or write on the screenshot if you wish on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

To save the screenshot to Gallery, click the Save icon. Smart Select can also be used with your S Pen to capture a portion of an image.

5. Use the Tasks Edge panel On Galaxy S23 Ultra

Use Tasks Edge panel On Galaxy S23 Ultra

You can use your device’s Edge panel to help you take a screenshot. Add the Tasks Edge panel to your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Take screenshot shortcut easily.

  • You can open the panel by connecting the left on the Edge panel of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra operating on the right area.
  • To specify the assignment, wipe the Settings icon at the base.
  • Tap Edit below the panel. The right side will display your preferred shortcuts. Swipe to the left and tap Take screenshots to add them to your shortcuts. Tap the red minus icon to remove a shortcut.
  • Navigate to the Screen you enjoy to capture the Screen.
  • Swipe left again on the Edge panel handle to open it. Swipe left again to open the Tasks panel. Next, tap Take a screenshot. Your device will take the Screen.
  • This shortcut can be used whenever you want to capture your Screen.

6. Scroll capture

Is it too large to capture on one Screen? Scroll capture allows you to take multiple screenshots from one page and combine them into one large screenshot.

This will give you the complete picture. It works with all other methods of taking screenshots. Scroll capture is still possible using the palm swipe, button combinations, or the S Pen.

1. Navigate to the Screen that you wish to capture.

2. You can utilize any of these ways to take a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

3. Tap the Scroll capture icon when the Smart capture menu opens. It looks like a downward-pointing arrow and will bounce up or down.

4. To capture the scroll, tap the icon again.

5. Continue tapping the icon until the icon reaches the bottom of the desired spot.

6. Tap the hashtag icon to add tags to your photos in the Smart capture menu.

7. You will see suggested tags, but you can also create your own. To save your tag, tap Save.

8. Once you’re done, tap the Smart capture menu button. Tap the Screenshot Preview to view the Screen captured or navigate to Gallery.

9. Not all web pages, app screens, and images that require scrolling will have the smart capture icon. Some websites may need aid to perform.

10. Smart capture cannot be turned off on newer phones like Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. It is always available.

7. Other options

You can add an individual touch to your screenshot by editing it. A smallish menu will occur at the base of the Screen directly after you have taken a screenshot.

To edit the screenshot (the pencil icon), you can either draw or write on it or crop out any part you don’t need. The Gallery will save the cropped section.

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