How To Fix Google Pixel 7A Battery Draining Problem

Fix Google Pixel 7A Battery Draining Problem

Fix Google Pixel 7A Battery Draining Problem – Are you experiencing a rapid battery drain on your Google Pixel 7A?

The following will cover several common situations that can occur when the battery of your Google Pixel dies rapidly.

This problem could be due to either hardware or software causes. So read on for the best solution!

Reasons For Google Pixel 7A Battery Draining Problem

Before we get into solutions to fix this issue. Let’s first understand why the battery on your Google Pixel 7A keeps draining. This could be due to several causes, containing:

Close All Background Apps In Google Pixel 7A

Background apps are a major contributor to battery drain. Some apps continue to run in the background of your Pixel 7A. Even when you aren’t utilizing them, draining your battery.

– Screen Brightness In Google Pixel 7A

Battery life can be affected by the brightness of your OLED display on Pixel 7A. When your screen is bright, it will exhaust your battery quickly.

– Location Services In Google Pixel 7A

Location services can affect your Google Pixel 7A ‘s life expectancy. Location services are turned on in several apps.

This causes your Google Pixel 7A to look for your location constantly and consumes more battery.

– Outdated Apps Or Operating System In Google Pixel 7A

An outdated operating OS or app version can also cause Google Pixel 7A battery-draining problems. Keep your apps and OS up to date to avoid these issues.

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Top 10 Ways To Fix Google Pixel 7A Battery Draining Problem

Here are some workarounds to fix battery problems in Google Pixel 7A:

1. Restrict Apps Battery Usage In Google Pixel 7A

Start with the simplest workaround: restrict the App’s ability to consume battery. To achieve this, please follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings App on your Pixel 7A.
  • Visit the To Battery section.
  • Select the ‘Battery Usage section of 7A’.
  • Check out the relative battery consumption for each App under the “App usage in the last 24 hrs” list.
  • Then choose “Restricted” from the menu. Please restrict the battery for the following applications that are consuming the most.
  • If you have a Pixel 7A or Pixel 7 pro battery that consumes power, perform the step and check if this worked.

2. Turn Off Always On Display In Google Pixel 7A

This feature displays useful information such as the time, notifications, and widgets even if your Google Pixel 7A is locked. The battery can be quickly depleted.

Follow these steps to disable Always on Display:

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Please scroll down to Display and tap it.
  • Under Lock Display, tap on Lock Screen.
  • Scroll down, tap the Always Show Time and Information toggle, and it will be Off.

3. Disable Mobile Data Always Active In Google Pixel 7A

The Google Pixel 7A will use Mobile Data over WiFi if the WiFi signal is not strong enough. There will be no interruption in internet access on Pixel 7A, nor will you be able to stop operating in the middle.

This process of switching will result in a battery loss. This feature is likely causing the rapid battery drain. If so, you should contact the manufacturer to disable it. You can do it by heeding the steps below turn Off Mobile Data on Google Pixel 7A.

To begin, turn on Developer Options. For this, go to Settings, then About Google Pixel 7A, and tap the build number of Pixel 7A several times until the Developer Option becomes ON.

  • Click on Settings, System, and then Developer Options.
  • Find Mobile Data Always Active under Developer Options. Please turn it off.
  • Check to notice if the battery percentage on Pixel 7A can be increased.

4. Turn Off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Location Services

Bluetooth, WiFi, and Location Services are battery hogs. Switch them off when you are not using them on Pixel 7A. It can save you battery life.

To turn off the notifications. You can pull down the notification bar from the top of the home screen on your Google Pixel 7A and then tap the icons to turn them all off.

5. Turn OFF Adaptive Connectivity In Google Pixel 7A

Adaptive Connectivity, for those unaware, is a technology that allows your Google Pixel 7A’s usage to determine whether it switches from 5G to 3G or 4G back to 5G. This is a constant process that impacts battery life.

The feature switches from 5G back to 4G if, for instance, you scroll or do a simple task. This will save battery power.

The feature will automatically switch to 5G if you’re performing heavy tasks, like playing video games or watching online content.

This constant switching between networks has a greater impact on the battery than the Adaptive Connection feature. You should turn it off. Here’s how:

  • Open the Settings App on your Pixel 7A.
  • Navigate to the Network and Internet Section.
  • You can disable the Adaptive connectivity feature by searching for it.
  • Check to notice if you can get more battery life from your Google Pixel 7A.

6. Install Pending Updates In Google Pixel 7A

Software updates fix many bugs, including those that affect battery usage. It is necessary to install any available software updates for Pixel 7A. Here are the steps:

  • Settings App.
  • Find and tap System.
  • Tap on System Update
  • When there are updates available, the Pixel 7A will indicate this.
  • Download and install this update as a stable version of Android is available for Pixel 7A.
  • After the update, you can check your Google Pixel 7A battery usage.

7. Force Stop Misbehaving Applications

Force Stopping applications may improve the overall battery life. Force Stopping applications are as simple as following these steps.

  • Open the Settings App on your Google Pixel 7A.
  • Select the Apps tab and click on ‘See all apps‘.
  • Select the App you believe is not working properly -> Press the Force Stop Button.

8. Turn Off Location Services

To save battery, disable location services on Pixel 7A if you are not using any apps that use location.

To turn off the location services of Pixel 7A, navigate to Settings > Places and toggle the switch of Pixel 7A.

9. Reset Your Google Pixel 7A

If none of these solutions work, you can reset your Pixel 7A. To do this, navigate to Settings >System >Reset options >Erase all data(factory reset).

10. Lower the Screen Timeout In In Google Pixel 7A

Screen Timeout is simply a period after which your Google Pixel 7A will shut down automatically. The more your device is displayed, the greater the battery consumption.

Try to keep the Timeout low, for example, 15 seconds at a minimum or 30 seconds at a maximum. For the same, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings App on your Google Pixel 7A.
  • Display.
  • Visit the ‘Screen Timeout.
  • Set the Timeout at the lowest possible level; 15 seconds is the sweet spot.
  • If you want to extend the battery life on Google Pixel 7A, check if this is possible.

FAQ On Google Pixel 7A Battery Draining Problem

Why does my Google Pixel 7A Battery drain so fast?

The battery of your Google Pixel 7A could be draining quickly for various reasons, such as background applications, high screen brightness or location services.

How do I check which app is consuming the most battery?

Click on Settings > Battery to see which apps consume the most battery.

How can I update my App on Pixel 7A?

To update all your apps, visit Play Store > My apps and games > Update.

How do I stop the battery draining on my Google Pixel 7A?

Open the Settings application on your Pixel 7A. Battery usage. You can see a list of the apps that have consumed your battery in the past seven days on Pixel 7A. Battery optimization should be enabled for all apps.

How long should the battery on my Google Pixel 7A last?

Google claims that Pixel 7A Adaptive Battery can last up to 24 hours and even longer when Extreme Battery Saver is activated. This feature, however, disables various features, such as 5G connectivity.

Wrapping Up

Please try them and send us feedback on methods to Fix Google Pixel 7A Battery Draining Problem. These are the most effective solutions to the battery drain issues you may be experiencing with your Google Pixel 7A.

Don’t hesitate to reach us by commenting below. If you need assistance or have questions regarding the above procedures for Google Pixel 7A. We will be pleased to help.

I hope you found the solution to your problem with Google Pixel 7A in this article. I appreciate your reading.

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