How To Fix Moto G73 Overheating Problems

Fix Moto G73 Overheating Problems

Fix Moto G73 Overheating Problems – The Moto G73 is a budget-friendly smartphone option with impressive features and reasonably priced specifications.

The Moto G73 overheating issue is a common problem. This article will examine the root causes of Moto G73’s overheating issue and offer effective solutions.

Why Does My Moto G73 Get Hot?

A phone’s heat is usually caused by overuse, strained batteries, or excessive heat.

It is also possible to update your software, as outdated apps can lead to performance issues. Extreme cases may indicate that your hot phone is infected with malware.

Common Reasons For Heating Issue In Moto G73

Here are eight of the most common reasons your smartphone gets hot:

Direct sunlight

Phone overheating can be caused by leaving your phone in direct sunlight. Even if you only briefly leave your Moto G73 in the sun.

This can damage your battery and cause heating issues. You could permanently damage your Moto G73’s internal components. If you depart it in direct sunlight for a long duration.

Overloaded CPU While Multitasking on Moto G73

Your Moto G73 heats up from the inside if it’s too busy. The CPU is your Moto G73’s brain. It’s responsible for running processes and applications.

If the CPU ( MediaTek Helio G85 ) tries to perform too numerous tasks, even in the background, your Moto G73 will heat up quickly.

Faulty charger or battery cable

You may have wondered, “Why does my Moto G73 get so hot while charging?” Moto G73 will heat up slightly while charging. Reason A faulty charger cable or battery could cause your phone to heat up.

Settings that affect Moto G73 Overheating Problems

The phone’s performance will be affected if you increase the brightness of your screen and collect widgets and 3D backgrounds.

You can reduce your phone’s brightness, limit your widgets, and use a static wallpaper if your phone is heating up.

Gaming for longer session on Moto G73

Moto g73 heating while charging

Similar to PCs, gaming on your Moto G73 can strain the CPU and GPU, making your phone produce lots of heat.

Even though a single gaming session will not kill your Moto G73’s battery, hours of continuous gaming can heat it. This is especially true for newer and more graphically demanding games like PUBG, CODM, etc.

Streaming video content

Watching hours of streaming video on YouTube and Netflix is just as harmful to your Moto G73’s health as a long gaming session.

Your Moto G73 will heat up if it is left lit for too long and the GPU is used excessively.

Software updates to the latest Android version

Moto phones can heat up during software updates or afterward. The update will temporarily use more power if there is a problem.

After the update has been completed, restart your Moto G73 to get fully optimized.

Malware or virus on Moto G73

Although many of the above issues can affect your Moto G73 performance, malware is more dangerous.

By clicking on infected links or downloading fake apps, you could get malware that hijacks your phone’s memory and CPU, slowing down performance and creating a lot of heat.

How To Fix Overheating Issues On Your Moto G73?

Here are some quick fixes for overheating issue in your Moto G73

1. Close All Apps

Your phone can get hot quickly if you have too many open applications or programs that are high-processing demanding. It would be best to close all apps you think are causing your phone’s heat.

2. Get Your Moto G73 Out Of The Sunlight

You can heat your phone quickly with direct sunlight or direct heat. This is especially true if your Moto G73 is in faces sunlight or a hot climate like a sunny car dashboard.

The best way to avoid your Moto G73 overheating is to keep it away from direct sunlight. Also, avoid the excessive cold as it can cause damage.

3. Removing The Moto G73 Case

Insulation can be provided by covering the phone with skin or a cover that covers it. This can lead to heat buildup. The case can be removed from your phone to cool it down.

If the issue does not solve after removing the case, try to avoid the case. A heat dissipation case or breathable cover is a good choice to protect your phone and keep it cool.

4. Turn On Airplane Mode On Moto G73

Many people leave GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi settings on when not using them.

Turning off unnecessary apps can save battery life and stop your Moto G73 from overheating, as it uses background memory. If you’re not using the phone, activate Airplane mode.

5. Unlock The Moto G73

If your Moto G73 has overheated completely, you can turn it off. The fastest way to stop all applications like social media apps from draining your moto g73 resources is to turn off your phone. Your phone will fast cool down to its average temperature when turned off.

6. Get The Right Moto G73 Charger

Most phone chargers can be used interchangeably, provided they are less powerful than your phone’s ability to handle.

The charger that comes with your phone is the best and most secure. Bad charging cables and cheap ones can lead to your phone’s malfunctioning charging unit.

You might switch to a different cable if your phone gets too hot or the heat is concentrated around the cable.

FAQ On Overheating Issues On Your Moto G73

Why does my Moto G73 get overheated while charging?

The damaged or defective battery may cause the Moto G73’s heat to increase while charging. This problem can be solved by replacing the battery on Moto G73.

Can a phone cover cause heat buildup?

While a phone cover may not directly cause heat damage, it can limit airflow and trap heat. If the situation is worse, you can remove the case of the Moto G73.

How do I determine if my Moto G73 batteries are faulty?

If the battery in your Moto G73 is defective, it could discharge quickly, take more time, or heat up during charging or use

Are software updates possible to fix Moto G73 heating issues?

Yes. Software updates can correct bugs and glitches which may be causing Moto G73.

Wrapping Up

The Moto G73‘s overheating issue can be frustrating but not uncommon. These suggestions will support you in solving this problem on Moto G73 and improve the performance of your Moto G73. Keep your phone safe from extreme heat, and keep it clean.

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