How to Fix OnePlus 11R Lagging Issues

How to Fix OnePlus 11R Lagging Issues

How to Fix OnePlus 11R Lagging Issues – It isn’t enjoyable to notice a slow speed after investing a considerable part of your budget on the top smartphone.

If you look at the specifications of flagship models like that of the OnePlus 11R, then slow performance problems differ from what you’d want to hear.

If you’re still having these problems, we can assist you in resolving the slow performance of the OnePlus 11R.

Why Is My OnePlus 11R Lagging?

  • If you’re using any antivirus software on your mobile device and you are using any junk removal software, then you must uninstall it.
  • Uninstall any applications you don’t want to use.
  • Sometimes, using a customized theme on the phone can slow your phone.
  • If you’re using a third-party launcher, it could be the reason for the issue.
  • Removing the third-party launcher and utilizing the launcher built into your system is necessary.

How to Fix OnePlus 11R Lagging Issues?

The following issues and solutions are present on almost every smartphone at present.

If you’re experiencing problems in or with your OnePlus 11R smartphone, don’t be concerned because I’m providing a comprehensive guide to help you solve any issues!

1. Restarting Your OnePlus 11R

Restarting your device before using any other approach to speed up the response on the OnePlus 11R is what you should try.

This is an adequate solution to all problems that your device may be experiencing. We assume that everyone using a OnePlus 11 series flagship knows how to turn off their smartphone.

Press the power button for a long time, and you’ll get the option to restart your OnePlus 11R. If you cannot press that button to resume, it is possible to perform a forced restart. To do it:

  • Hold and press the Volume and Power buttons simultaneously.
  • Press your Power button for around 15 seconds, and you’ll be able to hear the handset vibrate.
  • Your device will now begin to restart on its own. If it doesn’t work, turn it off with the power button, pressing it for approximately two minutes or a few seconds.

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2. Delete OnePlus 11R Device Cache

To resolve lagging and issues with speed, delete the device cache and clean our cache and data. In addition, you ought to heed the steps below.

  • Switch off your phone completely. Press the power button, volume down button, and key.
  • Wait until you see the one plus logo. Then, release the keys.
  • Now, using the side buttons, select -> Wipe cache and data
  • Choose Wipe cache and yes to wipe cache and data.

Then wait for the device to restart. That’s it! This is how you erase and erase data cache from your OnePlus 11R.

3. Check Internal Storage

Your phone will function efficiently, even if the internal storage capacity is already total. This is only sometimes the scenario for Android smartphones, however.

You could notice the slow response if you fill the internal storage to over 80 percent. To enhance the performance of the OnePlus 11R.

You can examine the storage capacity of your device using the settings and ensure that it’s below utilized thoroughly.

It is always possible to back up your images on your drive and videos to your laptop or computer.

4. Checking For Faulty Apps

If your phone has an app that causes slow performance problems, it’s likely draining lots of battery. Check the battery usage of your apps.

Go to Settings and the’ Battery tab,’ then tap “View detailed usage.”

This should be done by the time you’re done, and find out which apps are using their battery the fastest.

Usually, the OnePlus Launcher application consumes the most battery, while other apps can use up to percent of the battery when they’re not graphic heavy.

So if you notice an app that’s not your typical, it’s time to remove it.

5. Troubleshooting Apps In Safe Mode

Safe Mode blocks all apps from third parties on your smartphone temporarily. This way, you can determine the apps that drive your phone unstable. Here’s how you can enable safe Mode:

  • Hold and press the power button of the OnePlus 11R.
  • Then, hold ‘Power off” on your screen.
  • Now you will see the option to boot the device into safe Mode. Tap OK to boot into Safe Mode.

It is now easy to determine which apps were responsible for the issues. If you spot an application that caused the problem, you can remove it from your system and resolve it.

6. Use The Lite Version Of The Application

For instance: Facebook light and Twitter lite YouTube go, etc.

Ensure your OnePlus 11R is updated to the most recent Oxygen OS version.

All applications should be updated whenever updates are available on the Play Store.

After you have completed all the steps, If your phone is still not functioning correctly, it is time to reset the phone factory.

7. Resetting The App Preferences

It is a fact that there is a software issue that could cause problems with overheating, and by resetting the preferences for the app, All apps will be restored to their original settings. Here’s how you can accomplish this:

  • Go to the ‘Settings.’
  • Navigate to ‘System.’
  • Click on Reset options.
  • Click on ‘Reset app preferences. Then, tap on Reset apps’.

This is it. It will reset your preferences for the app. This will not erase any private information. It will, nevertheless, reset notifications for apps and default apps.

VPN configurations and app permissions, clean all connected devices, erase all WiFi passwords, etc.

Wrapping Up

That’s all there is to know about fixing the slow response of the OnePlus 11R. If you opt for the methods above, your device likely has malfunctioning hardware. You must seek the nearest OnePlus Support Center for help in this scenario.

FAQ On OnePlus 11R Lagging Issues

Why OnePlus 11R is Slow?

This is because OnePlus 11R has issues with the software or you are running out of storage on OnePlus 11R could affect the performance of the OnePlus 11R or if running an application is malicious or infected with viruses.

When will the phone work slowly?

In most cases, the internal storage is running low or is at an end. Your phone will run slowly. Clear the memory so that the OnePlus 11R phone will function normally.

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