How To Take Screenshot On OnePlus 11R (5 Ways)

How To Take Screenshot On OnePlus 11R

How To Take Screenshot On OnePlus 11R – Oneplus phones and tablets can capture images or take screenshots of what is displayed on their screens and find other options on their OS.

Whether you want to save a text chat, capture an image, or share something interesting you discovered online, learning how to take a screenshot is an essential skill.

If you’re using a OnePlus 11R, you may wonder how to take a screenshot on your one plus device.

This guide will provide a step-by-step method for capturing screenshots on your OnePlus 11R. Here are a few methods to Take Screenshot On the OnePlus 11R.

1. Use Hotkeys For Taking A Screenshot On Oneplus 11R

Use Hotkeys For Taking A Screenshot On Oneplus 11R
  • The fastest way to create a screen capture is by using the primary shortcut.
  • To capture the image, open the menu.
  • Hold the power button, volume down key, and power button simultaneously.
  • Wait until you receive a notification that the image has been uploaded.

The message ensures the screen capture will appear at the base of your screen. After holding down the power and volume buttons, you can immediately access the resulting image by pressing the icon.

You should also be aware of other button combinations if the OnePlus 11R doesn’t have this functionality. You can also take a screenshot using other key combinations.

2. Use OnePlus 11R Google Assistant

All Android phones have a Google Assistant service that allows you to take screenshots simply speaking.

After saying, “OK, Google, take a picture”, the screen will automatically capture the image of what is on it.

You can also merge commands and say, “OK, Google, bring a photo and share it on social media.

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3. Use OnePlus 11R Power Button

This is the easiest and third way to take a picture in the OnePlus 11R. Press and maintain the ability button for 2-3 seconds, then visit four options. One of these will stand to grab a snapshot.

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4. Use Three Finger Screenshot on Oneplus 11R

Use Three Finger Screenshot on Oneplus 11R

You must follow these steps to take a screenshot using this method.

  • First, you ought to move to your Oneplus 11R Settings.
  • Next, you will require to move to the Button and figure Gesture.
  • You will now have the option of Quick Gesture. Click on it!
  • Next, enable the Three Finger Screenshot Feature

5. Use OnePlus 11R Notification Bar

  • Navigate to the screen/application you wish to capture on your OnePlus.
  • Slide your finger down from the top of your screen to open the notification or quick setting bars of your OnePlus 11R and press the “Screenshot” icon.
  • The image captured is automatically saved to the gallery on your smartphone or tablet OnePlus devices.

The gallery can be located on your home screen of Oneplus 11R. It should contain a photo icon or an instant image.

Depending on which version of Oxygen OS you have installed, Google Photos may be your image gallery app.

In this issue, look for the icon depicting a four-pointed star constructed from paper and four colors one for each point.

Wrapping Up

This article is about How to Take Screenshots of the OnePlus 11R. This article is a good and valuable resource.

You can view more Take Screenshot guide examples here. I will answer any queries you may have in the comments section.

FAQ On How To Take Screenshot On OnePlus 11R

How do I take a long screenshot on my OnePlus 11R?

To take a long screenshot on Oneplus 11R, swipe down from the top of the screen to get the Quick Settings panel. Tap on the Long screenshot icon to capture a screenshot of the whole screen, then scroll down for a long screenshot.

Can I edit my screenshots on the OnePlus 11R?

You can edit your screenshots on the OnePlus 11R using the built-in photo editor. To access the photo editor, go to the Gallery app, select the screenshot you want to edit, and tap the Edit icon.

How do I take a screenshot on my OnePlus 11R if my Power button is not working?

If your Power button is not functioning, grab a screenshot utilising the Quick Settings panel on Oxygen OS. Swipe down to open the quick toggle panel, and tap on the Screenshot shortcut to capture.

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