How To Fix OnePlus 11R Battery Draining Problem

Fix OnePlus 11R Battery Draining Problem

Fix OnePlus 11R Battery Draining Problem – If you own the OnePlus 11R 5G, you may be conscious of your device’s rapid battery drain problem.

Don’t worry in this post, we’ll suggest suggestions to help you fix these problems. Are you willing to master and implement our tips? Let’s get started:

Common Causes Of Battery Drain Issue In OnePlus 11R

Here are a few reasons that can be attributed to this problem:

  • Phone Overuse

A small percentage of people use their phones frequently for various reasons, including taking a long time, taking photos and videos constantly, or using social media applications.

These are the several reasons that can cause your phone’s battery to deplete quickly, which is normal.

  • Using A Phone While Charging

Oh my! This is a significant problem. A small percentage of people use their OnePlus 11R to talk while charging.

This causes battery overheating and reduces the speed of your phone’s performance.

Quick Fix OnePlus 11R Battery Draining Problem

There are three primary reasons your OnePlus 11R might suffer from a fast battery Drain. We will examine them and then look at the steps you can use to rectify them.

1. Recent Software Update

This is probably why your phone’s battery drain problem started following the Oxygen OS 13 update.

Why? When companies are required to launch smartphones, they must take drastic measures to improve the software, knowing that before most people buy their phones, they’ll check out the reviews first.

However, companies do not profit from maintaining a phone once you have purchased it. For brand recognition and to compete, they offer the option of two to four major android versions and system upgrades.

Optimizing software requires a significant amount of time, and I believe that most companies only want to be “good enough,” not “best.”

Sometimes, they release updates to the software without testing the software on previous device versions.

To stop the rapid battery drain that is caused due to the latest Software Update wait for reviews on the internet.

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2. Check Battery Usage

To accomplish this, open the settings on your phone -> choose “battery,” -> go to the battery usage option, then select “Show full device usage.”

Here, you can view the number of applications that drain the battery on your phone, along with the duration of their active and background times.

It is now possible to limit these apps and also remove some that aren’t needed.

3. Switch Off The “Auto-Brightness” Option

You can turn off this feature by adjusting the display settings on the OnePlus 11R phone.

If this feature is turned on, the phone adjusts its brightness automatically, relying on the lighting conditions. This can use up more battery.

4. Tryo Disable The Data Connections Manually

If you’ve always enabled data connections such as Wi-Fi, mobile hotspots, or Bluetooth, these will use your battery more quickly.

To prevent this, activate these features whenever you require them or remove these features.

5. Shorten The Sleep Or Screen Settings

This is a crucial suggestion, reduce the screen’s or sleep settings to determine the length of time your phone’s screens are ” ON,” then try to shorten the screen even if you’re not using it.

6. Apps And Activities

Did you recently install any apps? Even if not, you’re likely to find that the latest app you downloaded or apps you have already installed on your OnePlus 11R are causing an excessive drain on your battery.

Applications installed on your smartphone are automatically updated regularly.

There is an increased chance you have an application installed on the OnePlus 11R that is buggy and consumes more battery.

Go to Google Play Store, update every app, and restart your phone.

Applications that are not downloaded via Play Store can contain malware. Remove any mod/locked/unlocked App or game if downloaded.

Wrapping Up

If you cannot fix the problem with the draining of batteries on your OnePlus 11R using one of the options mentioned above, you may visit the closest OnePlus Repair Center and get it fixed by technicians.

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